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Lol, "misuse".

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Also in the specific case of The_Donald, when they linked directly and people went and saw lies and made comments, they were accused of "vote brigading" by reddit management and threatened to have their group banned. The archives make sure that doesn't happen. They are to comply with reddit's management threats, not for some nefarious "ad depriving" purpose as the "study" falsely claims.

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That point is now. Already whites are beaten and "shot dead" because the message is it's ok to murder white people.

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I just love the way (((they))) skew and redefine the language.

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You should have archived this

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"misuse" = anything leftists don't like

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"For example, we observed that 'The Donald' subreddit systematically targets ad revenue of news sources with conflicting ideologies," Blackburn said. "Moderation bots block URLs from those sites and prompt users to post archived URLs. According to our conservative estimates, popular news site like the Washington Post lose approximately $70,000 worth of ad revenue annually due to the use of archiving services on Reddit."

Well T_D might be a bunch of cuckservatives but they are doing one thing well.

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Washpo print edition

Circulation 474,767 daily

Washington Post lose approximately $70,000 worth of ad revenue annually

They make that per day off just the paper edition.




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/pol/ started archiving as their screenshots were taking into question and there were malicious actors faking screenshots! Then when legitimate sources through www.archive.is of that screenshot were added it caught a wildfire when journalists during the election cycle where editors blatantly started deleting stories that put Hillary in a bad light or put Trump in a good light. Even stories that were not critical enough were later altered to really dig into the shit flinging towards Trump. Archive.is exposed them as liars, cheats and propagandists.

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T_D might be a bunch of cuckservatives

You dont know that. The real cuckservatives hate T_D with a passion.

T_D is operating in enemy territory, and if they weren't acting like a bunch of cuckservatives, they would have been banned long ago, like the dozens upon dozens of subreddits that refused to act like a bunch of cuckservatives.

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Can confirm Banned from T_D because I was pissed Trump said to take their guns.

However the mods are compromised assholes and have been slowly turning it to more and more shit by banning anyone with anything relevant to say and using every shill tactic in the book.

Its been overran and taken over. Its worse than it if had been banned.

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We all witnessed just how cucked TD is when they tried to immigrate here. They lasted less than a day before deciding they'd rather suck reddit censorship cock.

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No, we do know that. They’re neoliberals. They don’t believe a single thing that any of us believe. They’re jewish paid shills.

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site like the Washington Post lose approximately $70,000 worth of ad revenue annually


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Well, why would people not want to give BBC, CNN, Huffington Post, Slate, and others Ad revenue? There seems to be a correlation between increased Anti White/Pro Minority/Pro Refugee articles and increased Archived URLs. It's almost like people don't want to support news organizations that are (((indirectly))) pushing a left wing narrative on their readers.

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Misuse... haha no we use it for exactly the right things, and you just admitted it

According to our conservative estimates, popular news site like the Washington Post lose approximately $70,000 worth of ad revenue annually due to the use of archiving services on Reddit."


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Misuse? When websites started altering their content or flat out 404ing without notice, archives are being used as they were intended. Archiving also have an additional benifit: unlike a screenshot, which can be altered from client-side manipulation, an archive is authentic data, since there is no middle man interference possible. Its only


>Trying to make it seem like this took effort to find any missing ad money. We don't owe anyone shit. I know that this is just hand crafted ammuniton to fight archiving, because it hurts when (((your))) narrative and words are turned against you.

Have an archive: http://archive.is/HCIT5

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It also makes it easier to spot changes/updates and deletions to articles.

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They wouldn't read them if they weren't archived. Ease up on the shekels, jews

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I never go to Forbes anymore due to their adblock garbage.

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I don't know what happened, but on one of my machines, I can see Forbes without ads and that retarded interstitial quote of the day BS.

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You can install anti-anti-adblock scripts on GreaseMonkey/Tampermonkey. Saved me some time.

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