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Cross-reference with news released around this time on either 4chan, 8chan, or Gatewaypundit. I bet there's something they didn't want people seeing.

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it's hilarious you think you are that important

most of the time shit just happens.

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Neat, a random person diagnosing narcissism over an internet connection. I'll definitely stop digging now.

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Seems SOMEBODY was not paying attn to where they were digging with a Backhoe, and cut two Major Fiber Optic Backbone Lines in Comcast/Xfinity's Northeastern service area around 2:00 PM EST today. As of 4:00 PM EST many Comcast Customers in NY, PA,NJ,MA, OH, MD and VA were still experiencing no Cable TV service and limited Internet Access. Amazing how just one guy with a earth-digger can "cut the cable" for a few million Xfinity customers! LOL!! More here: https://www.centredaily.com/news/local/article214067869.html

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Yes, and anyone who believes that story, I have some swamp land in Florida with a major fiber optic backbone buried there, for sale.


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Agreed. Sounds fishy.

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no one listens to me when i say they will shut the internet down. my guess is december

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before the election. As soon as the Hillary/Huma tape comes out.

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Pure coincidence im sure.

Like that garbage truck left on the train tracks that derailed a train full of republican congressman.

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Of course, although I do remember that incident and it was caused by the coon driving the truck taking the curve too tight an he went off the raised grade crossing into the trackbed getting the dual-wheels of the rear of that truck hopelessly wedged into in-between the two tires and the rail.

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I thought the whole fucking idea of the internet was to prevent shit like this from happening.

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it's amazing how much of the internet runs off duct tape and a prayer.

it's perpetually "just good enough"

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Hah. These fuckers whine for more money to lay more lines. Government taxes people and gives them that money. Money vanishes and no lines laid. Repeat at whine for more money step.

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The government PAID them to lay fiber and they never did it, they just took the money and ran.

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So 2 cuts and the whole network goes down, huh so what dose Comcast do with all that money they make exactly, obviously not having redundant systems.

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...also known as "Testing the off button"

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Those taps aren't going to place themselves.

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(((cut fibers)))

mhmm sure comcast.

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Maryland and pa is government territory. New fiber optic lines are being installed in Maryland, I'm aware of.

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