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Since you agreed to the terms of service

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Exactly this. If you actually read the terms of service you agree to so readily by just clicking yes/ok. You would see that they have the right to do anything they want to with your PC. They will continue to have this right until such time as you quit using their product.

The answer to stop this from happening. Is to Install Linux.

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TOS/EULA breeches multiple australian consumer law and arent worth shit.

You can set bits and WMI to disabled all you like, theres two other processes that re-enable them and allow the trigger to download. Them on disable plus a backup set of triggers in task manager which re-disables bits, owns and deletes that dang 7gb plus download directory means i dont have a fucking clue what all the fuss about the last 4 updates was....

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Wasnt there a court case about printers and toner that dealt with this that said once you but a product the original seller has nothing to do with original product. You could probably find grounds for a class action lawsuit

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And forgot to install some variant of Linux ... sigh.

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Funny. One downvoat... Sounds like OP can't handle the truth!

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I didn't downvote it, retard.

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Awe, on page 5,000 A2Dii24c1 the old fuck you up the ass clause.

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If you had read the Windows 10 End User License Agreement (or any of the hundreds of articles about it) you would not have allowed it to replace Windows 7 or bought the new computer.

By almost any conventional terms Windows 10 is a virus. By EVERY definition it is malware.

When faced with no ability to continue on windows 7 I switched to Linux (and Mac). There is no longer a windows computer in my entire house. Well... there is an XP system. I wonder if it still boots?

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I was so annoyed with Microsoft after Vista that all I used was a bare bones Chromebook for a number of years. But last summer I really had to get something with more capability. Apple is overpriced bullshit, and Linux seems like a massive headache that's going to suck up a huge amount of my time just to get it working. Old windows machines are a security risk. I considered a system 76, but they're poorly reviewed from what I could tell. So what does that leave us with?

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really, modern linux distributions just work right out of the box. Why not try out a live CD version of one of the popular distributions.

Instructions for a live CD:

Ubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD

Debian: https://wiki.debian.org/LiveCD

Fedora: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraLiveCD

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You are living in the past. Just do Linux Mint if you don't have a clue.

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The issue isn't really so much that Linux doesn't work it's that Linux doesn't work the way Windows works. You can greatly simplify this by getting a KDE version of Linux. KDE has the same look and feel as Windows. This will make the transition much simpler. I suggest a KDE based build of Fedora. Not even their mothers like gnome. <Queue flame war/>

I too was an Apple Xenophobe until micro$oft drove me off with pitchforks and clubs. Honestly most things people say about Apple are simply wrong. One thing that is correct is that it is MUCH more expensive. This is at least partially because of one of the tenants of capitalism: If you are not the customer you are the product.

I have NO information at all to base a decision about Apple privacy. Neither does ANYONE else. But we know as undisputed fact that Google, Facebook, and Micro$oft all sell your personal information on the open market.

But honestly if you want something to "turn on and use" you really have no choice but a Mac. However, that does not mean you need to buy a $1200 Macbook (even though 10 years ago a windows notebook was $5000). You can get overstock / refurbished macbooks for MANY hundreds of dollars off the brand new price.

Interesting only to computer nerds stuff

BSD Unix is real unix. Linux can fairly and accurately be described as a black box clone of Unix. It was written from scratch to do exactly the same things in actually the same way that Bell Labs' Unix did.

BSD Unix has a couple different flavors. I very much wanted to like FreeBSD. But there are myriad problems that fairly well ensure you will have to reinvent the wheel. Usually without the help of basic tools like the hammer.

Apple OS X was a complete and utter departure from all operating systems that came before it. For many years apple computers were based on the IBM Power chipset. This was the same processor used in their AIX (their rewrite of unix) systems. With OS X Apple stripped off their user interface (roughly equivalent in Linux terms to a window manager e.g. KDE, gnome, etc). They then put that UI (named Cocoa) on top of the closed source version of BSD Unix. If you open a terminal window on OS X you actually get a BSD Unix command prompt.

It is really surprising the virulence Apple still receives when every computer they've sold for over a decade is really a BSD Unix computer. It just uses Cocoa instead of Gnome or KDE. Pretty petty if you think about it.

Final fun fact for today: iOS was created by taking OS X and ripping out features until it would run on the hardware available in 2007. The UIKit in iOS is even called Cocoa Touch.

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TempleOS is the obvious choice OP. You'll love it.

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no ability to continue using 7? how retardedly stupid are you? or more to the point - what terrible piece of software are you using that is so bogged down and shittily coded that it only runs on Win10.. and dont say Xbox games..

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If you had read consumer law you would realise its horseshit.

Any contract that breeches any law is not legal no matter how happily you sign it and/or allow ots enforcement.

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Good for you! Good feeling, isn't it?

I went Microsoft free in 2004. I got a copy of win 10 last year because a friend kept nagging me to play some shitty game.

It sits on a partition and languishes until I decide to play a game, I don't even use it to surf the web.

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They can't if you dont let them. Quit being a cuckold and install Linux.

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Some of us have work that needs done in windows. And linux has a whole host of issues.

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So dual boot Windows and Linux, but don't give Windows the WiFi password. If you need something for Windows, just download it with Linux and save it in the Windows partition.

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Oh okay then. Enjoy your adware.

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For those of us who need windows, Virtualbox/VMWare kindly delivers.

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Don't forget, you paid them to fuck with you like that.

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It's 2018.

Anything most people/businesses use Microsoft Office, Photoshop, ProTools, etc for can be done on macOS or Linux.

So that just leaves PC Gaming.

The moment you let go of PC gaming, you are set free from the intrusive hell that is Windows 10.

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The problem is that Microsoft has created the most incompatible product in the history of software, Microsoft Office. Nothing created in Microsoft Office works with anything else, including other versions of Microsoft Office. This software was distributed to colleges like adderall to a kindergarten. They have tens of millions of old people, who have no comprehension on how computers work, spend months memorizing how to use one version of Microsoft Office. It's ALL they know how to use because the Jew colleges don't teach them theory or the concept of spreadsheets or formatting, but only what buttons in what particular order to click in order to complete a task with their shit software. Then they release a new version of the shit software and move all the buttons around so people have to pay for more training. Repeat Ad Nauseum.

Then you have outside businesses, sending every form from Sunday to you in incompatible office formats because they wanted to use a plugin to get that clipart just right. The entire things a massive scam that forces people to keep using Microsoft's expensive, bloated, cumbersome shit software. Oh wait, then they released web versions of their software, but those versions have been stripped of essential features so instead of just replacing that aging dinosaur software on your computer, now a person has to learn to use both if they want to use any at all.

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I submitted all my papers in .txt files in college lol

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created the most incompatible product in the history

Incompatible to WHAT? Why should a market leader invest effort and thus money to be compatible to market losers?

Nobody forced their users to buy incompatible products. They are buying them because they dont care about the compatibility.

Only the market losers care about the compatibility because they want to whore themselves into Microsofts ecosystem solely by offering fewer features at a much lower price, not by actually outcompeting Microsoft on features at an equal or higher price.

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Nevermind Windows 10, I'm not dealing with the intrusive hell (and malware) that is modern PC gaming in and of itself.

*games that won't play without connecting to the Internet, even though they contain no multiplayer at all.

*games that install third party software discretely behind the gamer's back without clearly disclosing this, use it to track gamers, and then quickly patch it out when the story erupts in the news.

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I bought windows 7 2 years ago when 10 was announced. Instead of getting a free OS I paid for the old ones. Put it in this PC we built. I'm glad I didn't touch windows 10.

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Anything most people/businesses use Microsoft Office, Photoshop, ProTools, etc for can be done on macOS or Linux.

There are plenty of examples where this is simply not the case. I like linux, but it has so many god damned issues it's sometimes just not worth the effort.

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Is there a way to block this from happening again?


Install linux

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you clicked 'agree' didnt you?

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I installed a raspberry pi with pi-hole on my network and use it as my DNS server. All Microsoft updates are completely blocked. If you're interested take a look into this


This is another option. Kills all telemetry as well and manual disabling of Windows update. There's other programs that do similar functions as this, but this program has yet to fail me on any PC it's been used on

Edit: remembered this option as well. Haven't tested this yet myself, not sure how well it works.

Info on project:

Windows 10 AME aims at delivering a stable, non-intrusive yet fully functional build of Windows 10 to anyone, who requires the Windows operating system natively.


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in doing so, you also severely limited any speed downstream from your pi-hole though didnt you? i'm a linux guy too, but if you're passing all traffic through a rpi (whose ethernet is only fast ethernet rather than gigabit, and also pulls from the usb hub), you're killing your download/upload speed right?

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This thing's hacky garbage. It's caused a ton of problems on my gaming system while also failing to secure it in several ways.

Shut up 10 is superior and safer.

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Do you have a link for where I might download Shut up 10?

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What issues have you run into? Just curious, I've been using different versions for a couple years and have yet to have any problems.

I'm mostly just using it to completely disable Win update and add domains to my hostfile.

I've used shut up 10, but Windows update always reverted the settings.

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