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It wasnt enough to have cop cars and traffic cameras to be equipped with license plate readers so thry can automatically record and log every vehicles movements, they need driverless cars so they can identify track and eavesdrop on the occupants.

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The government program these cars to kill old people, that gets rid of pension problem.

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I knew I had a reason for not wanting autonomous cars available!

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Had a horse try to do the same thing. I always suspected he was working with the government.

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Car: "Did you just say "nigger"? Rerouting to (((re-education))) center"

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Remote controlled assassination mobiles. Do you know something compromising on a political figure running for a powerful office? No problem. With today's autonomous driving cars, they can make a conveniently placed phone call to CIA tech support and send you screaming at two hundred miles per hour into a concrete divider. Are you a target for an organized crime hit? No problem for 21st Century Murder, Inc. You can be tracked and diverted to an isolated location where the assassin can easily disappear you from the Earth. Say "hi" to Jimmy Hoffa!

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Even more control, just imagine smart enable cars being programmed to restrict your movements, know every move you make, Big Brothers Wet Dream stuff. Dont like you all sorts of ways to impede your life. restrict your journeys, refuse access to travel and numerous other nefarious actions.

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Yes. Easy assassination machines. Nope.

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or someone drops a bomb of a headline about government scandals and all of a sudden that person was hacked or worse the control code is given to organized crime and they go nuts on a crime spree. Hell how about in the middle of nowhere and your internet connection drops and your car halts and doesn't have manual controls to even get yourself to safety.

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I know that nobody wants them but you’re not thinking about the upsides. Sleep. Travel. Itll be like a living room on wheels. Cars are gonna turn into a whole new thing once we really get this autodrive thing going. Turn the car on, set destination, pass out, time travel. Sleep on the way to work. There’s so much upside as long as we fight the invasion of privacy that will inevitably come with it. If we could do it right it would be so awesome

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The upsides are obvious so no one talks about them. People talk about the negatives because they dont want them despite thr obvious upside

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