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3,300 Watts seems to be accurate for the complete setup (CPU + Cooler). Cooler draws 1,000 Watts to 1,700 watts and the Power supply for the CPU was a 1600 Watt power supply. So 2,600 - 3,300 Watts.

From "The cooler Intel used, a Hailea HC-1000B, draws more than 1,000W of power for its own operation, which apparently precluded running both the CPU and the chiller simultaneously. The Hailea HC-1000B’s output of 1500-4000L of chilled water (as cold as 4 degrees Celsius) is matched by its ability to cool a system of some 1700W of dissipation. Anand reports that a 1600W Corsair PSU was used to power the machine. That’s a $469 PSU all on its own."

Also read on a site where Intel could not show the machine off at a standard booth because they didn't have a 110V (Computer) and a 220V (Cooler) circuits available. Not quite plug and play.

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