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Let's see if it passes the smell test. "Past consensual relationship" = It's not occurring in the present. But what problems are occurring in the present?

No 10nm product for Intel? The CEO at Intel acknowledged (a few days ago) an expected future loss of 20% Data center market share to AMD (where AMD previously had less than 1%). At the Computex tech conference two weeks ago, Intel showed off an overclocked, 3300 watt (including phase-change water cooling) 28 Core system, propped up to look like it would be a consumer item (to be available at the end of the year).

This was then superceded one day later by AMD's demo of an air-cooled 32 core ThreadRipper 2, which will be out in August and will only consume 250 watts.

The "past affair" is either a complete fabrication or "the reason for the press"-story while the Intel board fires him for his failings, while at the same time the Intel board gets to protect their share price (could you imagine what would happen to Intel's share price if for once the truth was allowed to escape from Intel: "we're firing our CEO for losing our competitive edge in the market" ?

AMD's stock went down quite a bit today (in a down market for sure) but it mirrored about 5x the percentage drop of NASDAQ, but only every time NASDAQ went down. I wouldn't put it past Intel to have called up some of their cronies at Goldman or MorganStan and encouraged some short-selling of AMD stock to provide another layer of distraction from Intel's stagnation. AMDs stock also dropped 2x the percentage amount that Intel did, while AMD has only positive news for the immediate future, so you know who is protecting whom.

Nothing changes for me. I only run AMD hardware on my systems our customers' systems and am looking forward to the AMD EPYC 7NM, 64-core, server CPU that is sampling later this year for less than 1/3 the price of Intel's "best" (with 36 less cores than AMD's) server.

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No one has a true 10nm product, only parts of the chip are that size.

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3,300 Watts seems to be accurate for the complete setup (CPU + Cooler). Cooler draws 1,000 Watts to 1,700 watts and the Power supply for the CPU was a 1600 Watt power supply. So 2,600 - 3,300 Watts.

From "The cooler Intel used, a Hailea HC-1000B, draws more than 1,000W of power for its own operation, which apparently precluded running both the CPU and the chiller simultaneously. The Hailea HC-1000B’s output of 1500-4000L of chilled water (as cold as 4 degrees Celsius) is matched by its ability to cool a system of some 1700W of dissipation. Anand reports that a 1600W Corsair PSU was used to power the machine. That’s a $469 PSU all on its own."

Also read on a site where Intel could not show the machine off at a standard booth because they didn't have a 110V (Computer) and a 220V (Cooler) circuits available. Not quite plug and play.

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