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Isn't this the same asshole that inside traded and sold almost all his shares and held the bare minimum required to hold that executive position just DAYS after the meltdown/Spectre exploits we're reported to Intel?

He was recently credited with containing the fallout from the disclosure of some security flaws in the company's chips that could allow hackers to steal data from computers, although his sale of some Intel stock before the flaws were disclosed to investors attracted some criticism.

Yup. This one is all yours #MeToo. Fuck this Jew with a hot rusty poker


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I don't think he's a Jew. Would like to see evidence if he is.


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We think of ourselves as an Israeli company as much as a US company
-- (((Brian Krzanich)))


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You have to file in advance to sell off your shares. So, the questions are, how far in advance did the CEO know this exploit existed, the extent of damage it could cause, and when it would be released.


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However, the filing also notes that Krzanich adopted the plan just a month before the sales, on Oct. 30, 2017. According to researchers, Intel and other chip makers were informed June 1, 2017, about dual vulnerabilities named Meltdown and Spectre, one inherent in Intel chips and another baked into all CPUs.

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission in late November, Intel INTC, -2.38% disclosed that Krzanich had sold hundreds of thousands of shares that he previously owned and that he had acquired as stock options.

The vulnerabilities were publicly disclosed near the beginning of January 2018

How he was not fined and banned from serving in further c-level positions for insider trading just tells you how many sheckles we're at stake. If he's not a Jew by blood, he's one by practice. After all, Intel is an Israeli based company

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