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Not on the street. The patriarchy power structure leaves the billion dollar Bills on the underside of the toilet seat.


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The reason is that there are few men and almost no women even capable of starting a billion-dollar tech company.


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Talked with some people about it some time ago and at the end, things just never change.

Start ups need money, connections are everything; even more than good ideas, sound business plans or leadership.

However, there is something that is required before connections can do their magic: someone willing to take the risk; and that my friend is one difference, biologically rooted at that, that makes the sexes different. Of course there are more than capable women that would take the chance, but they are just fewer and have to face the same unfair challenges as the rest of us.

Now, all those programs to help women start ups? According to some, they are just money laundering schemes that may spill a few nickels to the unwashed masses, the rest go to the pockets of those that were already in it. It really isn't billions just standing there for people to claim them, those billions already have a name written on them, everything else are just "feel good" campaigns to mask the harsh reality.


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Tech startups are usually kike funded. Kikes are sexist, and most women in tech are only there for attention anyway, and of those that are not, there are very few that waste their life whoring themselves out to kike investors only to earn a small pay check if their business succeeds after triple mortgaging their house and selling a kidney.


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Duh, white men could never do it on their own. History proves it