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Most of you guys are too young to remember the flaming turd from Redmond back in 1995 that was Microsoft Bob.

You're Welcome!


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I remember Microsoft Bob quite well. It wasn't that it didn't work, it was just that it didn't do anything useful. It was nothing but an annoyance. Maybe not as annoying as Clippy, but annoying.

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It’s odd that the name somehow showed up again after so many years. I wonder how many people from that era are still working at Microsoft?

It at least made sense when they recycled the name “Surface” for a tablet only a few years after dropping the short‐lived Surface touch screen table.

Either way, thanks for sharing. I’ve never heard of the old BOB. It’s actually a half decent piece of software for the time. …except for the part where it periodically corrupts its database and has to be reinstalled.

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every time I hear someone mention a microsoft surface, it pisses me right the fuck off. I had plans for tables like that. plans I tell you!

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Which was standard on win95 too.

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That is why they are recreating it, they have forgotten how frustrating that was.

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It's gonna suck harder than ever before.

OpenOffice, LibreOffice, FreeOffice... When the free alternatives are better, pack it the fuck in.

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Looks about as intuitive as Windows 8. Just as the old people finally get used to Word, MS will repackage their product to sell something new.

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Libreoffice. It's actually really fucking nice. I'd take it any day over M$

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BOB? Thought it was going to be this: " For a couples anniversary, this guys wife wants to get the words "beautiful butt" tattoo'd across her ass, since he's always saying how beautiful her butt is. She goes to get the tattoo, but the artist says that the words are too long and she doesn't have enough room. She decided to abbreviate the words to BB, one B on each cheek. The artist says he can do that. She gets home to find her husband in bed reading. She strips for him, and turns around and bends over and grabs her ankles. Her husband looks at her ass and says "Who the hell is BOB?"

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best to just delete it.

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The SJW crowd are going to have a field day with all that toxic masculinity, I predict it's renamed BOBI, or some equally contrite "gender neutral" name in the future.

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Clippy Microsoft Office Assistant paperclip Word 97 animated help characters Windows 98 ME 2000 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJGSrjNoMWw

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