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Pretty sure he died that night of the raid.

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doubt it, but is concerning he cant be seen or tweet since the new ecuadorian regime

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Why doubt it? Right when it happened people said he was dead. I was skeptical, conspiracy stuff ya know. He and wikileaks have never been the same since. Different tone, manufactured concerns, different theme, inaccessible. Seems highly likely to me at this point...

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D. A. K. 16-10-16

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Doesn't he have some sort of dead man switch to dump all the documents in the event of his death?

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As I recall, it fired.

That there wasn't any consequence after it did, I chalk up to the immense power of the Nat Sec agencies in countering it.

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No one wants to answer why WikiLeaks doesn't leak anymore.

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They have plenty of damning documents they are just sitting on.

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Because no one is feeding them leaks? They can't leak shit they don't have.

[–] antiliberalsociety 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Or that which is fed isn't coming through...

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The only fools that believe Assange is still alive are the same fools that think we dumped boogieman bin Laden in the ocean.

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Ok, but playing devil's advocate here, what about the Assange you can see on TV after his supposed death, and the telephone radio interviews?

[–] badruns 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Never seen in person. In fact, when he FINALLY had a video interview after months and months of silence, there's a point in the video where only his collar by his tie does a weird morph thing where it clips into itself.

There's a tech video of a company that's able to do extremely convincing live action "deep fakes" for lack of a better term. So convincing that you CANNOT tell the difference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohmajJTcpNk
This was a commercial company and the tech video was released before Assange's disappearance.

On top of this, They've done it in the past - We KNOW that our government created fake videos of bin Laden. The ability to make even better fake videos is out there- you don't even need an actor that looks like them anymore. The tech to imitate voices has been there for decades. They have plenty of motive and resources.

During the months and months of "is Assange dead? Was that his deadmans switch going off that they took half the internet down to contain? Why is Assange no longer signing with his PGP key for any of his communication?" - All people wanted was for him to go to the embassy window and prove he was still alive. You know, like he used to. It never happened and it still hasn't happened.

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Well, if Julian Assange is dead.....then can we be more precise, and say exactly who had him ASSASSINATED?

I don't like it when people use the word "they", as that is irritatingly VAGUE.

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CIA. He was extradited to Langley AFB the night of the raid. That whole airport was shut down and evacuated that night, but a flight was recorded to have left from there to Langley during the shut down on those flight record websites. All of this was posted in real time as it was happening to /r/conspiracy and confirmable. I didn't think to save any of it at the time.

Article from the airport shutdown, which coincidentally lasted long enough to get a person of interest in and on a flight out of an airport:


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I should have joined the military

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Well, if you start spilling U.S. secrets, that's a pretty effective way to wind up getting "mysteriously" silenced.

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Unless you're Hillary. That bitch released nuclear response times on live television.

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Dear us government I’ll take a paycheck to stfu. Just hook me up with some of those good dealers you know

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Whatever that thing is in the Ecuadorian embassy, it's not Assange.

The cia has some explaining to do.

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I guess some but not much explaining => I've just found out that computer hacker Adrian Lamo who turned in Chelsea Manning is dead too since March, here is article about his autopsy report - cause and manner of death undetermined.

Updated June 06, 2018 09:29 PM: http://www.kansas.com/news/local/crime/article210989594.html

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Good, he deserved it. He was the very definition of a jew I don't care about Bradleys homo faggot attitude. I DO care about people being able to expose illegal government attacks and having the avenues to "blow the whistle." Adrian was a POS, he knowingly baited the information, then turned him in. If he cared, he would have advised him to go through other channels. There was no clear evidence how he died, but his seizures could easily be his issue. We have plenty of leakers/truthers who died from robberies with nothing taken, weights "crushing their throat", hands tied behind their back labeled as "suicide", Lamo was none of those. He was POS who died because of his medical issues and weak constitution.

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very troubling, it shouldn't ever be this way

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I hope that the time one anon (the guy watching the planes) said that Julian was renditioned was actually Assange being taken away from the embassy to safety, hence the Ecuadorian away soccer shirt. I dont know if anyone else has said this but heres my theory as to why. John Kerry Antartica - Julian has alluded to having possesion of damning material relating to John Kerry in Antartica, so aliens? giants? lost civilisation? No, No, and No, i sadly believe these are all misinfo in an effort to hide what is really happening there. Robert David Steele said in an AMA that Antartica is a playground for the elites, does Julian have evidence of what one of them did over there? i think so. What better place to have a satanic "Hostel" style "playground" where there is no chance of escape? Maybe thats where the get all their black eyes, probably all happening at an elevation of 666m on the Rockefeller plateau. again this all just theory but it would explain alot.

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I wish I was an alien

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Neither here nor there in relation to the main point of your comment, but its highly likely that the number of the beast was 616 and not 666.

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S/ OH HERE WE GO! Look mate no one likes a Satanic Justice Warrior, I didnt ask for a white knight or a NERO. Bud um tcha lol.

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