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This Steam Chat update looks a lot like Discord, another gaming-centric chat platform which has been called the "Slack for gamers."

And Slack is IRC for corporations. Just use IRC.

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IRC is just a fancy wrapper around sockets. Just use a socket.

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Alright. I'm set up (nc -l 28888, and port forwarded) and listening on superkuh.com port 28888. Come talk.

But more seriously, there's a point where usability and bullshit cross over. IRC is right below that; an optimum.

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Yeah but what size socket?

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But IRC is where hackers go to chat.

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I dont know if valve is as much of a data whore/sellout as discord is though.

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They're certainly not as cucked politically

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Valve does not have the SPLC monitoring your chats

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Steam collects data for VAC extensively, even perusing everything loaded into system memory. Allegedly only uploaded when it is something "suspicious".

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All of which should be fully understood by users. Hackers are a huge problem in games, especially FPS's, and giant steps need to be made to curb that. I used to love playing counter-strike over a decade ago. The hacking problem became so prevalent that I stopped.

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only on windows.

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If you want to try it out, Opt in to the beta in your steam settings. They did a complete overhaul of their UI, looks nice.

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That is literally just a carbon copy of Discord. As long as Steam doesn't start sending server chat logs to SJW groups to dox users I would probably use this.

If they don't get sued this is absolutely a Discord killer.