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But nothing wrong here, might be your ISP issue.

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Are there any suspicious looking vans outside?

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So all the jew sites are down?How's that bad news?

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I just read insta was down and also netflix between yesterday and today. could be something fucky goin on

[–] Flour [S] 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

Not like it's a bad thing. Just going to cause those bigger sites to either A: lose traffic or B: pay for better speeds so the ISP isn't getting shafted by all of their traffic

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How is an ISP getting shafted by data their own customers request?

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The ISPs have ALREADY been paid for those sites traffic. Each person that pays their ISP for internet access is paying for the traffic to the sites they visit. A site which uses more traffic has been paid for by more subscribers.

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I haven't noticed this as I accessed all these sites via dekstop

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Yeah I also found Netflix has down .. it never to believe but it exist..

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People are being overly sensitive because "Net Neutrality" laws are gone. Before people jump off the deep end, compare speed fluctuations and average speeds during the 2015 "Net Neutrality" laws

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possibly. I couldnt post on 4chan /vg/ on my phone the other day

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Just got into wifi now. Appears sites load normally once again. Keep switching to and from mobile data - same problem as I stated originally. High traffic sites refuse to load, Voat and company are normal.

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yeah i just figured it was a range ban on whatever mobile tower I was near or something since when I got home on wifi it worked