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Gov: hold my beer

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People forget/don't know how much anti-counterfeiting technology the government forces on printer and scanner manufacturers and how crazy copyright and patent protections have gotten. Wait until some company gets in their ear about how people are infringing on patents and copyrights by printing parts at home. Shit will get real very quickly. And they will use that cover to find ways to block other things they don't want you to make.

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Generation 1 was pirating music 2D. generation 2 is 3D printing. The story will play out the same.

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Thankfully we have projects like http://marlinfw.org and http://smoothieware.org that are completely opensource with none of the anti-counterfieting or drm or whatever a commercial product may be crippled by.

The home manufacturing cat is out of the bag and not much can be done about it. The real hurdle is a knowledge problem. 3d printers and CNC Mills aren't easy or user friendly particularly when you have to troubleshoot problems.

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NAILED it. Soon copyright/patent trolls will try to stop 3-d printing

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First thing they will ban printing: 3D printers. If you could just print a restriction-free printer with the restricted one, it wouldn't do much good.

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Customer lists will be easy to subpoena once they ban using a commercial grade 3D printer without a license. They'll know who bought them. So easy to track, unless you steal one. Hey look, one just fell off a truck and bounced into my van!

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Just 3D print commercial grade 3D printers. Checkmate!

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Build your own: v1Engineering.com

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Yeah I was going to say. It hasn't stopped them from trying before.

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Spot on my friend, nailed it to the forehead of anyone who thinks differently. Never be able to beat the big guys... examples- cure for major diseases/sickness and vehicles that actually run on water.

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I spent so much time focusing on how this could revolutionize personal armament that I hadn't even considered how this will explode when people figure out how to 3d print human sized sex dolls, or bicycles, or... wow... the gears are spinning even now.

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Or manufacture a better replacement piece instead of paying out the wazoo for cheap Chinese plastic.

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Well, this one's all blown out, time to print a fresh vagina. What the hell, I'll do it in green and pretend I'm Captain Kirk.

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A printed sex doll made out of ABS sounds like a beef grinder.

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Rome wasn't built in a day.

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revolutionize personal armament

explode when people figure out how to 3d print human sized sex dolls

or bicycles, or... wow... the gears are spinning

I see what you did there.

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It is also going to make it even harder to preserve and enforce IP patents.

Not unlike what happened to video distribution and movie theaters.

And - also like the internet - people buy 3D printers now, and use them to make sex toys:)

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I remember when the Nakamishi Dragon was considered the ultimate threat to the music industry because of it's ability to make what were then considered to be near perfect rips of vinyl albums

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Oh Yeah - High Fidelity:)

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No. The cost of making something on your own would be much greater than buying from a store. Also many items, such as pipes and bars, get their properties by the method in which they are made. Expecting equivalent performance from 3d manufacturing is unwise.

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Depends. A lot of parts are either hard to find or marked way up. This would destroy those businesses and create new markets in those categories.

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Recycling would also come into play. A 3D printer's output can be customized to what you have available, not just what you need to order from supplier X on the other side of the world. Only have rods or bolts available that are 5mm too thick for your design? Print the design out to match.

Many new designs, by the nature of the game, would start using more commonly available secondary materials and elements. Because they'd stand out in the marketplace that much more. And be adopted more by users than something that requires too much fucking around and chasing down of rare parts.

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You miss the point.

Of course there's no need to expensively print an item that you can legally buy for cheap.

But if you cannot (legally) buy a certain item, you will be able to print it in the future.

3d printing will be for the second amendment, what the internet has been for the first amendment. The governments will have no way to stop people from owning firearms.

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So communists are afraid of the people seizing the means of production. How different and ironic.

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People buy things they could just make at home all the time. In most cases it's because it's cheaper and/or easier to just trade paper for the thing. I would pay 1 USD for a pack of coat hangers over 5 USD in materials to 3D print the same thing, to give a shit example.

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I guess that's fine if you don't mind being a slave to the coat hanger industry.

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That also mean, if you print it yourself, you will be a slave to the 3d printer filament industry.

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Many perceive they're time as more valuable and just buy it instead. In some cases this is true. But I agree, 3d printing will never compete with high volume manufacturing.

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Oy vey goys. Don't use this to manufacture full auto firearms.

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More 3D printing pipe dreams. It's obvious that all the people who come out to promote this tech when one of these articles hits Voat have never used a 3D printer at all. Real additive printing technology is far from ready for prime time. You have limited materials, limited build size, limited control over accuracy and a myriad of real problems that make 3D printing a mess. You can't print circuits (though these articles always claim they can) and you can't mix metals and resins in one device. The parts produced are generally inferior due to material limitations and manufacturing techniques. Powdered metal objects aren't durable and plastic item crack and split too easily. The technology just isn't there and dreaming of a world of make anything machines is not making this a reality. Get a 3D printer and learn for yourself that this is not going to happen any time soon. Traditional manufacturing methods will be around a long time before anything better comes along. It's the devil in the details that matter here and 3D printing isn't magic.

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Rapid Prototyping capability of additive processes are an extremely valueable tool today. However, people confuse and conflate Rapid Prototyping with Final Production. I am a mech. engineer, and I personally own a 3D printer. Its hard enough for me to invest my own time CADing shit up, I cant imagine non-engineers trying to figure out how to solve a problem designing something nearly right the first iteration, since it takes so damn long using benchtop printers. Sure I can believe 1 art student out of 10,000 can figure out how to design print and assemble a working 2-speed gear box, but it took them 79 hours and they ended up stealing someone elses design anyway.

I like being able to solve small problems quick. For example was selling my boat last March, the pole for the tow cover punched through the canvas. I designed a sick threaded piece that nests in the pole end, then a large acme style threaded stud goes through the canvas hole, a nut on top screws on and 360° clamps down on the material surround the canvas hole. Worked the first time.

Annnnd, I actually have a pic but already described it above so here https://imgoat.com/uploads/b160de1de8/116222.jpg

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Good points. People lacking engineering backgrounds will produce crap with these additive manufacturing processes. They don't have the knowledge needed to design for stresses, vibration, thermal expansion/contraction or other common forces that effect part design. Those that do will simply have their work stolen as you said so the incentive to produce proper designs will dry up quickly. Lay people don't know jack about making engineered items and will simply "craft" items which will fail fast. Their hubris will stigmatize 3D printing technology as a sham based on their desire to jump in without gaining knowledge. All one has to do is look at what kinds of work the Maker community does with their projects. The vast majority of projects are utter carp made of junk and cobbled together with no regard for design. None of it is usable long term and no one should trust their life to it. Anyone can cook but only chefs with real experience and talent can make haute cuisine. The internet proves that well.

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Not to be an asshole. But can you read a tape measure? Because goddamn I'm about sick of the engineers at my job fucking shit up. 3/4 of the prints are simply wrong, and the old timers on the floor have everyone trained to do the job right. I'm dead serious I don't think any of them can read a tape measure.

Sorry if I offended you, it's not my intent, I just think it kind of fits the topic.

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Yah, like all the AI stuff it's all complete bullshit if you know anything about it. Self-aware AI, Self Driving Cars autonomous cars, and 3D Printers are "Flying cars of the future" for millennials.

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Absolutely. FDM printers are finicky and the items the produce aren't anywhere near injection molded parts in terms of strength or fit and finish.

But home CNC machines are actually quite interesting these days.

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The only advantage with 3d printing over rotomolding or injection molding is that you dont have to invest in tools to create different parts. For low volume, specialty parts, I could see 3d printers eventually fulfilling that role. Problem is, that it will be so easy for people to do this from their garage, that there will be a huge supply of people willing to fill this niche demand, making the profits drop to a a point where not many people will even bother doing it.

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