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Something fucky is going on at a website I don't visit.

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A website owned by Jews

[–] kammmmak 4 points 0 points (+4|-4) ago 

Another jew mediatic effort to desperately censor the truth.

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It’s a top 5 website were legions of sheep get their rations.

Like it or not what happens there matters to public discourse

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What? No it doesn't. It's the new opiate for the masses. And just like the super religious fanatics, they are treated like children. Given a pat on the head and a nice smile and told all they want will come true, just have to pray harder. Or in this case, post and comment more. No one of worth who doesn't have their head shoved up their sjw ass listens to the masses.

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Surely.. someday.. assholes will practice values they publicly espouse.

Edit: For clarity, I am saying that website is part of MIA

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Surely.. someday.. assholes will practice values they publicly espouse.

And on that same day Communism will work.

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It's a window into the normie soul.

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It's the Windows 10 into their souls

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Distorted with more soyboys and pink haired SJWs than in the average population of normies.

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They deleted a sub called uncensorednews, what the fuck else do you need to know

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It was hate speech! REEE

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The numbers shown on Reddit are not actual numbers, though. No doubt those were probably popular posts and were removed for wrongthink, but their system produces fake numbers intentionally. It has been that way since they stopped showing up and down votes the way Voat still does.

Who knows if there were hundreds or thousands of votes? The large number of upvotes could have been a defense mechanism against downvote bots launched by SRS and when the admins realized they were accidentally favoring the enemy over their allies, they removed the posts.

Reddit is a screwed up place and you cannot take anything at face value, other than the certainty of censorship to promote an SJW narrative.

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Honestly, I'm starting to believe the reddit voting system was ALWAYS created for this purpose. Most people are not smart enough to use critical logic for themselves and just latch onto groups they see as like them instead of actually thinking. By removing anything controversial that doesn't fit the narrative, it looks democratic, but, in actuality, it's carefully manipulated. This is much more powerful than if the users knew it was all pruned by their masters. In addition, having unbounded up/down vote counts leads to popularity hunting. So, psychologically, people are naturally shaping their views to what they see as popular, but what appears to be popular was carefully crafted by the admins and mods.

I'd love to see Voat go towards something more like slashdot's moderation system, where upvotes are capped at 5 and downvotes capped at -1. Moderation is awarded based on previous mod scores with metamoderation to keep it in check. Probably the best decentralized moderation system I've seen. I don't know how well this would apply to posts, however, because it's only used for comments on slashdot.

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people will vote based on what they see trending, especially comments. If they see a high count one way or the other they'll vote without ever reading the comment.

This stuff has been discussed openly on Reddit long ago, you can probably find extensive discussion inside the news threads announcing it.

[–] Food_Stamp 3 points 16 points (+19|-3) ago 

Please stop confusing communists with the people who remove communists.

[–] Merchant_Menace 2 points 10 points (+12|-2) ago 

It's like when (((they))) blame whites for (((their))) crimes. It's the same exact play.

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We already know this. V/meanwhileonreddit.

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What is the best way to prove that this happens all the time and has been happening for a long time, for normie consumption?

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Video of stonetear deleting his posts are being discovered as the IT guy that setup Hillary's server and reddit basically telling congress they had nothing on him later on?

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Imagine my surprise.

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You should question what you are doing when you need to censor everything. That is like saying you have no hope with the natural direction of mankind.

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