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If you look into email hosting with any seriousness you'll see countless stories of people who rejected self-hosting. If their experiences are typical, once you start using your email address for serious purposes your life will be plagued by the double-headed dragon of SPAM and silently failed delivery. If you're lucky you'll get emails bounced back, but you'll always be concerned that incredibly important emails failed to deliver, or the sender was unable to deliver them to you.

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Actually, as long as you have a static ip, and reverse dns setup for your domain, you are halfway there.

Then the rest is dns, via mx, dkim, spf, and dmarc records. The biggest pain in the ass is probably getting the dkim setup correctly.

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"Then the rest" is yelling into a void as you beg providers like Gmail to un-blacklist your domain.

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Self-email hosting is a massive pain in the ass. So many things you have to worry about and not worth the effort. You are better off using a service provider like Protonmail.

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yep. Mail is a nightmare. It's not worth the effort to self host.

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Nice setup. I've been meaning to do a similar thing for a year now but only got as far as using bittorrentsync for backing up mobile phones. Will give NextCloud a go soon hopefully.

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Check out Nextcloud plus first. Has many other features already setup so it makes the process a little more noob friendly

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I've been hosting my website from home since 1999 or so. With the speed of home connections these days there's no reason not to. I now use nginx but previously I used thttpd. Apache is overkill. Being able to just copy a file to ~/www/ and instantly link it is so handy I could never go back to using a remote host, even if it were a VPS under my ostensible control.

For other things where residential IP blocks are blacklisted (ie, mailservers) I do use cheap VPS. And since I have the VPS already I also throw another web server on there for the large files, put a teamspeak server there for my friends and gaming, and generally use it as a seedbox too.

As far as all this self hosting stuff goes: keep it simple. Set up a minimal mailserver. If you don't need webmail then don't set up webmail. The ISPTutorials mail server guides are a good resource. I prefer native applications to web 'apps' anyway. And this reduces my attack surfaces and the complexity drastically.

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I bookmarked this page for later reference then archived it once I remembered how fragile this site is.

Great post!

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Nice! How long did it take you to set up, all in all?

As a noob I’ve set up my Synology NAS with its integrated cloud solutions, with vpn connection everywhere. Now I’m only needing to increase internet speed, and it’s good to go.

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I love the Synology NAS software, absolutely a great alternative and covers most of the bases if you have the pipes and uptime to handle it. I had an old DS209 that kicked the bucket earlier this year, been meaning to get a new one.

As for time, it's hard to tell. I have been tinkering with it on and off for a couple of days but it would depend on how familiar you are with the software.

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I am really interested in the cloud storage thing. Replacing Dropbox would be a good thing.

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I saw a guy on gab.ai post a link on this an while back. He wrote an article on what he did. Let me see if I can find it...

Edit: found it: https://gab.ai/babou_tunt/posts/21450510

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Looks like he went with protonmail + self-hosted NextCloud. I chose to host email myself, which is a bit of a pain to configure correctly but at least you have full control that way.

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My understanding is even though protonmail is GDPR compliant your email is encrypted even from their eyes

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Who do you use as a domain registrar? Do you use a black hole DNS list to block stuff like ads (eg. pi-hole) or just go the hosts file or browser addon route? Excellent post. Very thought-provoking.

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I've always used a local shop for domains (and DNS before I decided to set one up myself); https://domainname.shop/?lang=en - they're reliable and cheap, and have great support. I've not setup any blackhole DNS; I use Vivaldi + Adblock + Privacy Badger to do my filtering. Maintaining a DNS blacklist just seems like too much trouble.

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