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the rule of tech, is that if its connected to the internet its hackable, and if its air-gapped instead and off the grid that only makes it slightly more difficult

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Can you expand on the problem with air-gapped devices?

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if another device connects that isnt gapped, or someone physically hacks its, if the cops take it, or the data got copied at some point, or the data got outwardly discovered, then air-gapping the computer wouldn't save it likely

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Of course a lot of people are so stupid they go to the trouble of creating an air gapped system, then they use thumb drives. And they are probably using thumb drives they got for free at a conference that came from some Chinese Army controlled company. Idiots.

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If you could expand on the insecurity of thumb drives i'd be grateful.

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Anyone paying attention saw that coming when people first started talking about connecting appliances to the internet.

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I was talking to someone recently and they thought "the internet of things" was a company and wanted to invest in it. That should be some indication of how much the average person knows about what's going on, much less security.

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Id like to stab the guy that coined that phrase in the face with a rusty fork, repeatedly.

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Welcome to the modern world, where apparently the wealth of companies and advertisers are more important than people, and if you aren't proudly giving away your privacy you are a backwards conspiracy theorist.

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Thanks for the info! I started using proxy servers at https://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/individualproxy.html to stay anonymous online not so long ago. With its help I can also bypass the restrictions and get access to the blocked content. Very convy. I think nowadays Internet privacy is a serious issue and we should do all possible to protect our data from online snoopers.

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Water is wet

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Submit, goy. The electric eye and the electric ear will keep you safe. The arm reaches far and the hand is grasping for your soul

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