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He wouldn't know about dairy. All he consumes is soy

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you misspelled semen.

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You americans always trying to americanize languange. It's walnutsauce in Canada aey.

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Did he, though?

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Trump should complement Trudeau on his eyebrows.

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or give his regrets for his father Castro dying and let that hit the canadian news channels and wake up their sheep.

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Can you explain to me how you know Trudeau is Castro's son? I want to know

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Now that would be a nice pill for them.

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"Very cool eyebrows Justin!"

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The dairy Canadians get in their grocery stores is way better than the shit we get in grocery stores in the the U.S. Lived up there for a few years, they did some stuff quite right. The U.S. small dairy farmer has been virtually run out of business or enslaved into shit practices by corporate megafarming just like most of the rest of our farmers. They are damned right to have high tariffs. Frankly it's their food - if they can produce it themselves, by god they should be ensuring it stays in country where they can take care to ensure its quality, not simply go for the lowest price.

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I get my milk from a local dairy. It's execellent. I imagine most of the complaints about American milk are from people living in a metro who are not willing to fork out an extra $2 for better quality milk. I know it exists, because I buy it from the organic section when I visit my relatives.

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You don't have to pay the huge premium for quality milk. Milk has the fat skimmed off and sold separately. "Whole" milk has been reduced down to 4%. If you buy cream and add it back to the milk, it tastes amazing.

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The point is people only focus on Tariffs trump throws around but not the one you sneaky canadian fucks pull out on us.

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Yeah fuck off canadian faggot. My dairy and eggs are fantastic because I'm not a maple fag like you. I get my shit from American farms like Americans should.

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Just so people don't start comparing apples & oranges :

  • Our milk is growth hormone free

  • It's of much higher quality in regards to the maximum somatic cell count allowed.

  • There is a quota system in place which manages supply & demand, besides artisanal products we don't export much dairy at all.



One positive outcome of these trade wars would be to shove it up the ass of the Canadian quota management committees & better FDA regulations for Americans to have healthier milk... yeah, not holding my breath on either of the two.

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You could not pay me to drink American milk. Our milk is hormone free; American milk is not. We don't allow American milk across our border because they don't comply with our standards. If they want access to our higher quality milk, they can pay for it. If the tariffs are removed, the Americans will siphon away all of our milk, just like they do with our oil. What will that leave us?

I want an independent Canada. We have the capability. Easily. We just need the will. If I can only eat strawberries in July and August so be it.

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y u change your name? you getting hammered?

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We don't allow American milk across our border

Then how can there be a tariff on it?

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Well I wouldn't be opposed to exporting our milk, the quota system in place limits the amount of dairy farms that can exist. Another thing that's happening is that small time dairy farmers can hardly get into the business with our present system, it's turning into a corporation only industry.

Farmers even have to dump excess production down the drain or buy from their neighbor to keep their quota numbers if they don't produce enough at some point.

It's a quality product in a deficient industry :/

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fine. don't buy it don't drink it. the market will decide what will be profitable. but Canada and Mexico are getting hooked up and the expense of American tax payers.

And that's what this is about.

who has the leverage smart guy?

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You're an idiot.

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Our milk is growth hormone free

Growth hormone has not been shown to make a difference in milk. Source: a conspicuously required labeling on hormone-free milk sold in the US.

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Unfavorable study results can be suppressed. Remember tobacco?

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I still prefer my milk natural & Monsanto free.

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I do think the growth hormones have made young girl's tits bigger. Just an observation, I have no science to back the theory.

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Not only that, but apparently justine the potato presented President Trump with a picture of the Klondike hotel that Trump's grandfather built in the Yukon.

Turns out the Jew news had previoulsly flooded their holdings with stories saying his granfather ran a brothel. Turns out it was not. It was a typically rowdy Klondike hotel.

Jews that are traumatized from holding a rifle would say that, as would proper ladies of the day.

Trudeau tried on a catty, smarmy, bitch move and looked even more pathetic. Not as pathetic as having glue on eyebrows, but pathetic nonetheless.

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Haha. Yep, that's about right.

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Trudeau is a pussy. As long as he can get his satin panties from the States he doesn't care.

He couldn't negotiate anything as complicated as this with Trump, no way. He's in WAY over his faggot head.

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Federal elections can’t come soon enough… Trudeau makes me think that I need to run for Prime Minister. You can hate trump all you want… but Trudeau is proving himself to be the worst “leader“ in Canadian history.

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We need a nationalist party to take things over. Conservatives are better than the liberals but still pretty crap

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At least the Conservatives would do what they can to cut refugees. The simplest argument I ever heard about why Libs want refugees and Conservatives don't is that 2/3 will vote Liberal.

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You got this. You are Canada to me.

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Dude, I am Canadian! Lol

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Even the worst person can serve as a good example.

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Is Trudeau a tranny?

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I doubt he can even switch into a higher gear. An overall low-energy tranny.

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Trade policy could be so simplified: Our tariffs on your country are 0 + whatever your highest tariff on our country is.

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That's basically what Trump is doing now . . .

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