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Two wrongs are only the beginning -- Murphey --

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This forum is 80% government propaganda shills.

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I think theres been smart bots since the last outage

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You faggitard jew kike shill...

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Says a fres account, lmao

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yah rite! it was no accident

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I wish one day I quit facebook.

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punished cuck-zuck, a faggot denied his shekels.

we all know the only reason facebook is under scrutiny is because he didnt help hillary enough during the election.

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hillary lost so google and facebook must pay a penance.

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anyone who uses faceberg deserves what they get. no sympathy.

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Should be really handy when posting cuckbook red pills & forget privacy to 'private'

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The face of zuckerberg conveys never an emotion... Botox?

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He idolizes robots so much that he had most of his facial muscles removed.

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https://archive.fo/6oRwm :

Facebook bug changes default post settings from private to public - Business Insider

'"We recently found a bug that automatically suggested posting publicly when some people were creating their Facebook posts. '

'As many as 14 million users were affected by the bug and had their posts made public incorrectly. ', "If users didn't notice their default post settings had changed, all their new posts would be viewable by anyone on the internet."

'Starting today, those people will be notified and asked to review their posts from that period. '

'Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was questioned for two days on Capitol Hill in April about the importance of user security. '

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