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Threadripper 2 cost 90% less, draws 75% less juice, has more cores, and kicks ass. AMD's top processors are again in a position that Intel can't yet get to, at a reasonable price.

[–] AlienEskimo 1 points 32 points (+33|-1) ago 

I am amazed and very pleased at AMD's comeback

[–] Kleyno 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

If only they made as big a come back in the GPU department, but I guess we can't have everything.

Maybe next gen will be better than Vega.

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I am extremely scared. The last time AMD was on top, Intel went nuclear on it by cutting all kinds of illegal deals with OEMs to keep AMD off the market, and this nearly killed AMD. AMD is barely starting to recover, if Intel gets down with a heavy hand again, it'll be AMD's death and we'll be fucked.

[–] VoatIsForTimmy [S] 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

Don't be scared. Just message me your banking information and all your passwords. You'll be safe!

[–] rndmvar 3 points 26 points (+29|-3) ago 

(((Intel))) is what happens when you replace your white male engineers with H1Bs and diversity hires.

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(((Intel))) has facilities in Israel. All those meltdown issues were probably backdoors.

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I am 100% certain I got a lower grade in Compilers in graduate school than I deserved, because I was openly critical of Intel's shenanigans in class. I didn't then realize that academia is overrun with Jews.

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Do you think they unintentionally released over a decades worth of different architectures WITH THE EXACT SAME FLAW?!

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Meh, the current state Intel is in is mostly due to the fact that they had managed to nearly kill AMD 10 years ago. Being without competition for too long leads to exactly this kind of situation. Microsoft had been the same with IE, and it's still in that situation with Office.

Monopolies are bad.

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Not entirely (resource harvesting for specific mature products). The motive matters quite a bit though. These are greedy shitbag fucks that want more money and happily accept money to insert security flaws.

Seriously though, there was a reason to do the big conglomerates that produced everything and kept developing good stuff while taking losses on less efficient products until a better one was made.

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I'm sure they also forgot to mention their new and improved mossad backdoor functionality.

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That's the (((SSE))) (Sheckle Shifting Execution) instructions set

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underrated post.

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For those that don't enjoy cookie notices that take up half your screen.

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As for how Intel achieved the 5GHz clock speed for the presentation, the answer is simple: an industrial one-horsepower 2500-liter capacity water chiller that can draw a peak of 1000W by itself.

lol holy shit.

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You watch they'll put some pretty RGB lights on the tanks that now take up 3/4 of the room and call it a feature.

I'm so glad AMD is shitting all over (((Intel))) to the point they've force them to make room sized computers again. It's glorious to see those filthy kikes fail so hard and in a few years when it comes time for me to upgrade to a new pc the technology will make it damn near future proof at the rate AMD are going.

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I ran amd back in the day but have been on intel for years now. I run old shit so I don't have to worry about meltdown and spectre anyways... but the time is coming for me to build again.. I think I'll be going back to amd lol.

future proof

You have no idea how much I hate that term lol.

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And folks were pissy about AMD 32 core at 250 watts.

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Looks like the water cooler itself draws 1000W. God knows what the overclocked processor draws. But where did you get the $10,000 price?

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I read it on another tech site that compared the cost of a similar Xeon Platinum processor.

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Then that won't be true. It's common to keep the server grade parts for companies and the less perfect consumer parts (even enthusiast) get a different branding and are much much cheaper.

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Xeon processors are priced and marketed for the enterprise market, thats not a good comparison. This is a one off demo unit you won't find a real price unless they decide to scale production and sell it. 5ghz is a gimmick in the pc world, IRL version would almost certainly run at around 2.5-3.5 GHz which would mean normal power draw and cooling requirement.

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I honestly think intel must be desperate to pull such a stunt. I can't ever imagine them releasing such a product that requires such an exotic cooling solution.

[–] speedisavirus 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

They were just demo that thing. That chip will likely be released with a much lower clock (3-3.5 GHz) and require more normal cooling measures.

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This about it like stock car racing. No one is going to drive something like that on the road. They do it to sell more regular cars and increase brand loyalty. Same thing here.

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