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This is a deep state psy-op to make the public think they haven't been planning this from the very beginning, from before the first "smartphones" (marketing psy-op term) were made available to the public. You think they haven't been working on this for 30 years, at least? Naive.


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You know propaganda existed for a lot longer than that.


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Well no. I have first hand experience with the introduction of internet to the masses and also the invention of the modern smart phone. I assure you that these things did not happen from some plan from the MIC.

Instead, some geeks thought it would be really cool to do these things. Then, they tried to convince the managers at their corporations to let them build these things. It was like goddamn dragging cave men into the bronze age. Most of this tech we have came about in spite of tremendous resistance from the old-guard techs. The military have the creativity of a brick, so are even further out of the picture. They actually get their cool stuff from universities which they fund by brute force through programs like DARPA. They take, they do not create.

Now, with internet if you will recall, when Microsoft built it into Windows, they were sued multiple times by the Government. They made up all sorts of stupid reasons to prevent internet from happening, the truth was they were afraid of it, of losing control. They were afraid of sites like Voat exposing the truths of their crimes and ineptitude.

These (OP) sorts of attempts at control are johnny come lately attempts at keeping control. I doubt it will work, because they have no creative spark and can only build stupid shit.