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Then stop fucking computers.

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That's not what that dongle is for!

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It is if you're brave enough.

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Anything is a dildo if you're brave enough.

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If it isn't, then you aren't using it right. And if it's wrong, the forbidden nature of it makes it that much more fun

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How the fuck does this retarded comment get 94 upvoates! Wtf is going on around here.. one stupid fucking one liner joke gets 94 upvoats... no one thinks thatsvweird.. reddit style joke threads gettint massive up voats

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Pull your panties out of your crack and relax a bit there slicer.

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Considering the nature of OPs post, I am not surprised a joke response gets a lot of upvoats. This is less about technology and more about OP ranting and whining.

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Why the f'k are you so concerned about upvoats? You're some kind of faggot that belongs on Rebbit.

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OP's dick must be mighty slim to fit in that slot.

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Damnit. You beat me to it.

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"getting pussy online has never been harder" son you got problems other than computers.

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"Sex workers", just call them whores you fucking soyboy

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"Sex workers" A vagina the public uses. Jesus the thought is revolting.

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I'm used to seeing it autofiltered to basedboy. Yay voat!

edit: Lol, I think the downvoaters were thinking I was criticising voat. The opposite in fact.

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Legal, legal, social, legal and social, social, social and business, and eternal september (social). None of these are technical problems, they're social and legal problems.

But there are technical solutions. Distributed, anonymous networks could be uncensorable. It doesn't make people any less terrible, but it allows for freer communication.

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hey how about we all be adults and acknowledge that your response is pretty accurate.

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I think 'cultural problems' might be a better term, but you're absolutely right.

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Maybe, but I'm not sure how fine to split the hair. I was probably looking for the public-spaces intent of "societal" rather than "social," the latter of which in context does too many favors to stupidly-named "social networks." Calling it "cultural" does better imply a problem with human behavior itself, rather than emergent patterns of interaction, though it could also be construed narrowly to refer to specific sites' sub-cultures, when I rather referred to Western civilization as it sits now, or people's own inherent pettiness and shallowness. I think I'll go with "societal" next time.

Thank you for making me think about this. It's valuable.

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But the technical side is probably the most disappointing. Computers are doing pretty much the same thing (if that) they did 15 years ago but they move like crap considering the hardware that is supposedly under the hood. Everything has been virtualized/abstracted/sandboxed to the point that the true speed of a system can't be found unless you boot up some thin-kernel, text interface OS to find out.

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We can build it better. We have the technology.

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It all went south when normies started using it. Fuck Steve Jobs for the iPhone.

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The original "me too" movement was when AOL made newsgroups available to normies.

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meh, not really. The internet was awesome until the influx of millions of casuals and their fucking feelings.

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Living in the eternal September sucks.

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Yep and how they let children on it too, the internet is no place for some one 17 and younger.

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Sure it is, if you are a responsible parent.

Why would you deny endless knowledge to your kid? I would be retired by now if I had the modern internet as a kid.

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If it wasn't for the iPhone the internet still probably wouldn't be in wide use

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I work in relatively high end IT. I fucking hate computers too.

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It is amazing how much shit there is, even besides MS Windows. I was on a website that would not allow spaces in a credit card number. I learned to remove spaces in BASIC in high school. We have too many idiots programming.

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bad programmers, programming is far to accessible now.

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I am not the best programmer by any means, but yes there's several ways to skin that cat. From regex to a Jquery lib ands tons more. But shocking to see what gets accepted as production use.

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website that would not allow spaces

JavaScript, client side would clean that up. It is actually important to show the spaces on the form because human nature does the blocks of 4 digits. Carts get abandoned if awkward.

Create a JavaScript EventListener that binds to the form and then use a regular expression to detect and wipe out any whitespace characters in the card number input just before submit.

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Some fucking idiot sent this gem into production the other day:

if [ 1 -eq 1 ]

Unsurprisingly, the application did not function properly. That test was supposed to be replaced before release.

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Computers are sick of you fucking them.

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They didn't say 0.

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Don't get me started on quantum computers

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what you're describing is corruption. you've just correctly identified that the society and culture you live in is currently in a very corrupted state. this is a really great thing to realize, quantfag. 90% of problem solving is identifying the issue.

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Time to fdisk our out-grown society model from the post WWII era, and reinstall with a modern, lightweight but slightly more buggy version. If only there was a .deb for government.

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Government is not the problem, real, economic power has shifted to unaccountable corporations who now hold more power than ever in history. First, people need to realize governments are powerless against overgrown megacorps, their bribery and money. Did you know Federal us bank is private corporation?

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90% of problem solving is identifying the issue.

So how do we solve the "zionists are destroying the civilization" problem? I have known that for some time now.

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Help others identify the problem

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you know the answer goy

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