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Someone need to come up with a way quantify a tool or applications 'quality'. Like pick 20 or so measures of software engineering quality and then give each app or tool a score. Maybe create some non-profit to do it. The ship of software development seem to me to have been going backwards for years. I think maybe it's accelerating backwards.

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Isn't the measure in defects/KLOC?

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OP is talking about a host of design defects or poor software engineering decisions (on top of coding defects), which effect security, flexibility, maintainability, enhanceability, understandability, interoperability, reliability, and my list here is probably incomplete.

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And they think WIndows is virus-prone...

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Sounds like someone was happy with Unisys Mapper.

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I'd loose my marbles if my job required me to sit behind a desk all day. And fuck, the endgame of software dev is human misery.

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I enjoy not working with humans.