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We are witnessing the emergence of reverse protection rackets.

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I went to the local Whole Foods after Amazon bought them.... A bunch of bagged and boxxed shit food I don't want. The food there isn't healthy, it's shit food in a health costume. HEB is miles better in the south.

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It's all trendy food. If you want to eat healthy just go around the outer perimeter of your local supermarket and make incursions into specific aisles. Buy fresh produce, dairy, bread, meat, and fish. Get some spices and deli meats. Rice and some noodles, oatmeal, bran cereal. Eat them in the correct proportions. You don't need some fancy packaged rice cake soy-coated pre-packaged shrimp with saffron and tofu whatever-the-fuck trendy consumer food product. Eat the staples and have a small dessert if you want.

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There is plenty of healthy food at whole foods. What are you on about?

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That it's mostly garbage food with no name brands pretending to be healthy. You can get comparable food at almost any grocery store for less money. Whole Foods is a pretend health food store with a shit fresh food selection compared to many places. That's what I'm on about you slow witted mong.

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https://archive.fo/8fLPr :

Amazon cuts Whole Foods prices for Prime members in new grocery showdown | Reuters

'Amazon previously announced free two-hour delivery from Whole Foods stores for members of Prime, its subscription club with fast shipping and video streaming. '

'They are under increasing pressure as German discounters Aldi and Lidl lower prices, too. '

'The new perks could make Whole Foods cheaper than conventional grocers for about 8 million of its customers who already subscribe to Amazon Prime, according to Morgan Stanley analysts. '

'(Reuters) - Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) and Whole Foods Market are making a surgical strike in the already brutal grocery price war. '

'Still, Philadelphia-area Whole Foods shopper and Prime member Heather Kincade, 46, is going to need convincing. '

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