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I guarantee that you could do this study with people who only get their news from network tv and get the same results

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Knowledge is power = data = energy/influence/self improvement when the knowledge is correct....

That being the case, and all the smartest people have a 'thirst' for knowledge, why would anyone let themselves be spoon-fed retrograde garbage info? Why not seek out only the best most accurate knowledge like a miner panning for gold, because essentially that's what those truly seeking knowledge are doing if only metaphorically....

Let the dumb be dumb, they're locked in the Matrix anyway, if you can just tug on them a little and get their attention and convince them to move on, if you can't either they're looking at something that's not so obvious to everyone else, or they're codependent on a mind-control based system anyway, and fuck them.

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The problem is that you have to live in society with them.

The coddling of the dumb has had detrimental effects for everyone.

Now most schools won't teach Algebra until high school.

Kids who should be in special ed, are now included in regular curriculum which has been dumbed down to accommodate them.

It's becoming a crime to speak or teach the truth if it hurts feelings or profits.

It's called mansplaining if what you're talking about is too difficult to comprehend.

For inclusivity's sake, they will probably be allowed into leadership positions too.

It used to be fine to let the dumb be dumb but now they're being recruited / indoctrinated for use as political tools.

They will vote against your interests. They will rat you out at work for a cookie even if you did nothing wrong.

They will be whatever TPTB wants them to be.

The dumb are dangerous to everyone including themselves.

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Why democracy is garbage

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And anyone who gets their news from Voat, the more they hate jews.

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Why does Forbes exclude aristocrats from its list of billionaires?

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i dont think cartoon cats have any real wealth.

a bit like bitcoinfags.

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If you block the default subs that shit disappears.

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It Is logical

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Anyone who gets their news from any 1 source is stupid. They're stupid because they don't know better and they don't know better because they're either stupid or too old to understand the vastness of their resources.

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I can't stand the disinformation and virtue signaling cunts on Facebook but the worst thing about the "news" on FB has to be the "what you need to know" headlines that give people just enough info to feign anger.

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Don't forget all the Buzzfeed-style listicle/infographic "news" clips full of cherry-picked facts and selective video editting. NowThisNews is one of the worst offenders.

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Very True.

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I wouldn't know, I have those sites domain blocked so I don't accidentally click their links and contract eye cancer.

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"It's not what you don't know that gets you trouble, it's things you know that aint so."

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There had to be a study on this?

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It's only obvious to those of us who actually look for truth. Most are complacent to be spoonfed the liquefied dead.

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Or just believe the opposite of what they hate.

Like most of fucking voat that couldnt come up with an opinion on its own and just downvoats anything not in line with the local hive.

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That explains why 'Mercia loves them facebook so much now doesn't it.

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the people that use facebook = dumb people

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