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Boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs, boobs.


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And title needs more buzz words.

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Alexa is implanted in those boobs, so be careful.

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Anyone who uses one of those things deserves it.

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Of course it is, EVERYTHING passed on the line in the entire world, goes through a fusion center and ends up in the VG the Aussie or Utah datacenter and then collided into your x.keystore file. EVERYTHING!!, even passive listened in on recorded voice conversations. How the hell does anyone not know this at this point!

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It's amazing what people will watch and fall for when, tits.

[hits replay]

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So does your cell phone and computer. I never understood why people dam the newest spy devices while ignoring all the old ones.

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It's because they are new. People are already accustomed to having the other devices, so they forget.

Last time I mentioned it here I got downvotes and I just thought that was ridiculous

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Probably just shill bots, don't take itt personally.

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All IoT devices are wiretaps. I don't need two mystery meat camwhores to tell me that.

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Hey man, I need my fridge to tell me when I'm out of soylent green.

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Fake vid. I’ve tried asking Alexa these questions when I visit my parents. It either turns off or denies or answers very vaguely. The voice sounds wrong in the vid

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