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How to find out if your network traffic is being monitored

Are you using the internet?


you are being monitored


you are being monitored

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This is the same one from a few weeks back. I encourage people to test this themselves. While I like the sentiment, it's easy as hell to spoof. Just install adnauseum to have Google refund more money, and use something not Google/Yahoo for search DuckDuckGo, Searx, or Startpage come to mind.

Edit: If you're going to test it, install a new browser (Vivaldi or something not at all related to another browser so cookies and fingerprints aren't shared), don't import anything nor login. Create a new Gmail, then do this. Make sure the browser has your microphone access, otherwise this doesn't work. May also have to click the thing for Google to get microphone access too. An actual VPN would likely help here too. This is SO easy to spoof, just have someone logged in to another browser searching the hell out of dog toys, or block these ads at DNS then while he's talking turn it back on.

Again, I like what his goal seems to be, just hate the lying. Does he shill flat earth too?

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I honestly believe there is no VPN that is not compromised.

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Any tech available to civilians is compromised completely.

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So how come when you watch the video you're not immediately inundated with dog toy ads?

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Asking the good questions.

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Because I block google trackers and all ads.

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And turn off access to the camera and mic.

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AI algorithm or whatever listening in and flipping a few ads not a big deal. However pre-crime, political enemies, business deals and the like can be abused and even misinterpreted. You could be talking about your deer scope one day, and be arrested the next. A Sen. could be whispering sweet nothings to his pet cow one day and signing a bill he swore he never would the next.