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So they can find my phone with ease but incapable of going after illegal immigrants driving on our highways with no insurance or drivers license, good job.

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Hard to swallow, the redpill is...

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At this point it's no longer a pill but the whole bloody buffalo.

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True story: in Utah some beaners backed into my (then new 2016 Ford Escape) while parking.

When I aproached them, none of them spoke English.

I called the police and they showed up, told me there was “nothing they could do” and they could not legally compel them to provide insurance info, or even fine them for NOT having a license plate as the accident “happened on private property” i.e. a Target parking lot.

I said “given the fact none of them speak English, driving a car without tags, can you at least check and see if they are here legally”

“It’s not our job to determine people’s citizenship status”

Beaners drove off laughing.

What. The. Fuck.

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Those cops were fucking dicks, or retarded. My state may not allow a ticket to be written on private property, but by god you still have to exchange insurance. Even if Utah didn't force that much, why not get the fucking beaners under laws about deliberately damaging another's property? No way in fuck could you tell me that just because I'm in private property, I can get away with destroying someone's items. Lazy ass cops.

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In California the Governed signed a bill that ordered cops not to enforce laws on beaners and gave them the right to have a drivers license and the right to vote.

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Sounds like a Sanctuary state, might of been able to get away with beating the fuck out of thier car, since it's private property and you can't be compelled to show insurance.

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Or following terrorist or "gunmen" or thieves or people who actually need to be tracked down because they are lost or abducted or had thier fucking phone stolen, on and on but they only use it for one thing tracking down dissenters like us because we won't follow the narrative.

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No worries for me, I never use my phone for criminal activities and if someone wants to steel it they can have my very old nexus 5.

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...but if you report your phone stolen they won't even try to find it.

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They don't want to go to niggerville to get it.

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Then they don't want to do their jobs.

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Fair enough, I guess.

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Good. Now I know who to call when I can't find the damn thing. Three fucking days that retarded thing sat on my tractor's seat.

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Ha! I have a camping chair out in the forest.

It took me a couple days to notice my phone was missing. Didn't find it until I gave up, and went to smoke a joint in my spot.

It was there for five days. I might just get rid of the fucking thing.

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Unfortunately I have wee ones and a few elders I care for so I need it for emergencies. Other than that the CB works fine. I've been meaning to get an authentic landline, if they still offer them, then maybe I could ditch the mobile.

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This isn't news. This was part of the Patriot Act of 2001. Every cellphone had to come equipped with GPS. Back in the day, you could turn the thing off but "Emergency Services" could still find you.

People acting like this is news now, weren't paying attention then. Location Services, OnStar and shit like that are there for a reason people, you either accept if or you leave the fucking thing at home or you just don't buy the shit. It's not rocket science.

What they can't do is search your phone without a warrant if it's locked so stop doing the electronic insurance cards and all that shit. You're handing them an unlocked phone. Fucking stop doing that. They also can't use those goddamn stingray devices they're so proud of. Locating you doesn't require a warrant. Searches do. Learn the difference.

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Cops can locate any dumb fucks cellphone in real time without a warrant

Fixed that for you.

[–] elitch2 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

I don't reckon there's anything you can do to guard against this. You can geolocate any transmitter through triangulation, software just does the heavy lifting.

I say we hack the planet, and set up a parallel network using old 900/1300 repeaters. We need to start developing our own hardware solutions.

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You can store your phone off inside of a farraday cage; that might kind of help thwart them a little bit at least.

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Oh, so you have reverse engineered the black box that is the radio? Didn't think so.

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What edge you have. You literally can not stop them from tracking it. They are tracked from the carrier level, not your phone level. T. guy who used to occasionally assist police with tracking cell phones for a major cell phone company. Well I guess TECHNICALLY you could. By turning off literally every way to use the phone, rendering it not a phone. They can track it through wi-fi, gps, cellular, text, blue tooth, while its off etc. Every phone has a unique signature and is logged and easily traceable. Even "anonymous" GPS services can't beat the signature.

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ship it to yourself before you commit a crime, that way their tracking system shows you moving around then going back home.

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It's amazing how many people take their self-tracking device with them to commit a crime.

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And still get away with it

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I saw somewhere that with these new smartphones (galaxy/iphone) even when the phone is "off" it can still be tracked, since the phone is required to be in a standby mode for emergency purposes. I could be wrong and I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I mean how could you really tell its off with a non removable battery and the screen telling you its off?

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It is indeed in a standby mode of sorts since it's a soft on button, it has a circuit monitoring the button for when it's pressed even when off.

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Get an older cellphone with a removable battery. Use it only as a tool when you need it, and prevent it from being an "electronic leash."

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