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I am confused as to how this is news?

Microsoft is pushing bloatware... that's nothing new.

Microsoft is using shady, difficult to mitigate tactics to push nonsense users don't want... that's nothing new.

Microsoft is using their mandatory, monthly roll-up updates to "hide" unwanted updates, so users can't "selectively" update their system... that's nothing new.

Users are considering moving away from Windows, due to the aforementioned points... that's nothing new.

At this point, articles like these are reminiscent of a teenage girl, who has an abusive boyfriend, continuously coming for "advice" as she bounces in-and-out of a violent relationship with that boyfriend... "Can you believe how bad he hit me?!?! He and I are done FOR GOOD!" Then, two days later, they're back together, and you repeat the cycle.

Micro$oft is terrible... we get it... how is this news?

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This is exactly why so many Voaters simply mention Linux like a broken record in the comments of every article like this one. We become exhausted from trying to explain and explain and explain but nothing ever changes so we eventually just start do this.

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It's good that some people move over to the Linux community because it pressures Microsoft to improve their products and services. And a small to moderate sized Linux community means less monopolizing standardization and more exploration & experimental optimization.

At the end of the day what matters is what you want out of a user experience.

You do you.

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god exists. what, you expect me to prove it? faggot.

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I’d rather not have a computer than use Win10

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When top post is someone crying about their operating system feels...

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Has nothing to do with feels, and all to do with the fact that it's shit, and loaded down with telemetry shit. Not to mention that I never gave M$ permission to use my net connection to allow people to torrent my updates to their machine (FFS, the gayest Windows Update yet - use the consumer's bandwidth to push out updates to our shitty OS).

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Useless graphical tricks from a bolt-on value added GUI that breaks constantly. xserver is shit.

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"but games"

I recently installed steam on Ubuntu, logged into my old Steam account ... 128 installable games. There really is no reason left to stay with Windows now.

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No reason for you, anyway. Out of 10 games installed i regularly play, only 2 are SteamOS compatible.

So yeah, a lot of us still have MANY reasons to stick to Windows.

Edit : I should add that i have done the last update, and ZERO bloatware has been re-installed on my machine. Do note that this is a clean Windows 10 install done back in October of 2015, it is not OEM.

I'm thinking maybe OEM allows re-installation of bloatware with major updates?

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128 installable games

Out of 100's of 1,000's... and almost all 128 are absolute shit, or basic crap that has been played to death.


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Who would downvoat this???

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Dual boot. Works for game and work stuff.

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They talk as if Windows users actually care.

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I care, but I also don't have that problem. Nothing gets re-installed after updates.

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Both Google and Microsoft are now run by pajeet office floor shitters and it really shows. Investors beware - this shitshow is only going to get worse.

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It's free software

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As they should be, Windows 10 has been a disaster and throw in their continued failures with Windows updates, etc its gone so down hill

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Pirate the Enterprise version if you realy must use windows.

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I've been doing this for years.

I received a pro version of Windows 10 for free off a pirated copy of Windows 8.x. So I've been fine with that for the time being.

Honestly I would like WebOS for use on laptops and ultra portables.

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