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Well, they manufacture in the us with massive subsidies on their gigafactories. Then they turn around and sell the tech they manufactured overseas. Seems like the same old scam.

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not subsidies, but it appears theyre getting the usual tax breaks that local/state governments give to large businesses, in order to attract them to the area. i pulled up the FY 2017 audited statements for Storey County, NV where the gigafactory is located

check out the page labeled as page 50 here:

tesla received 1.25 billion in tax abatements; what isnt clear is whether thats in FY 2017 or spread over a 10 year period


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The subsidies I am referring to are the deals they were able to strike when building their gigafactories. They are not payouts from the respective state governments, but tax incentives.

No telling how much tax liability they will actually avoid until sales figures are in, but its potentially quite a large sum of money over a couple of decades.

I am lead to believe gigafactory 2 had some major incentives too.


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They are subsidized via a carbon credit system. Tesla is allotted the same share as other automobile manufacturers, but use none since they don't make combustion engines. Then they sell theirs to other manufacturers like Ford and Chevy, as other companies use theirs up building normal vehicles. Essentially, other auto manufacturers, notably their customers, subsidize Tesla Motors. It's a scam.


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Well a certain section villifies anything that is not "traditional dirty power" so what do you expect?