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[–] shawnfromnh69 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

THat persons got a shitload of mail so I'm guessing this account is only for posting and not for responding to comments at all. Probably a fake account from reddit or someplace where some SJW's got their panties in a bunch but it has to be a guy because only male SJW's wear panties because the women all wear something more masculine.


[–] Morbo 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago 

Um, that's OP's account. He took a screen shot of his own browser showing this particular comment thread that looks suspicious. With forensic skills like this, you must be not-tistic.


[–] i_scream_trucks [S] 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago  (edited ago)

im not sure if thats bad or good. i made sure i didnt have any furry porn tabs open or my name visible anywhere ffs...

i dont do inboxes. i dont have social media. i have not had any voicemail services active on any mobile phone for at least the last 10 years.