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Stupid headline; should read "patient privacy" not patient ethics.


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https://archive.fo/kDtxm :

NHS Digital execs showed 'little regard' for patient ethics by signing data deal • The Register

"The government, meanwhile, was blasted for taking a stance on health data confidentiality that is at odds with the NHS's own code - and warned it would open the door to other departments seeking patient addresses."

'Members of the House of Commons Health Committee slammed the body - which provides IT and data services for the NHS - for signing a data-sharing agreement with the Home Office. '

'A further concern for the health committee was the risk of setting a precedent that would see the sharing of patient addresses with other government departments “become accepted as normal practice”. '

'MPs have voiced “serious concerns” about NHS Digital’s leadership, claiming execs paid “little regard” to the ethics of sharing patient details for immigration enforcement and are too close to government. '

'The report, published today, stated the cosy arrangement could deter people from seeking healthcare, increase strain on emergency departments (where patients don’t have to say who they are) and damage public perception about NHS data confidentiality. '

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