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If they have that much of a problem with Google, they can always stick to Windows (laughs). As of Windows 10, Microsoft now invades your privacy while expecting you to pay handsomely for the privilege.

Being a Linux user myself, it would be nice if schools would adopt it, but there is way too much money in politics to ensure this never happens. So the school's choices boil down to using free of financial cost software by Google (and sacrificing privacy), or shelling out thousands to Microsoft (and sacrificing privacy).


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So stop using Google you fucking crybabies. Jesus fucking christ there are thousands of other websites for you to choose from.

Sick and fucking tired of your fucking crying like little bitches about the problems you created by using shit sites.


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The article doesn’t cleanly mention this but school districts buy chrome books and thus use them for grades 2-12. All testing is done on these machines. Also, kids use them daily.

Your kids use them.

Another cute tidbit: when chromeboks belly up the OS spews Chinese. Google can also remotely control these machines and that control is done through google not in-house.