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Facebook scandal: EU politicians should aim for straight answers, not star witnesses • The Register

'Take, for example, Zuckerberg’s responses to questions about extending the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation across the world. '

'After the hearings, commentators and the Twitterati argued that, had Zuckerberg been sat in front of the EU lawmakers that drafted the GDPR, he would have had a tougher time. '

'EU politicos, with their documented disdain for big tech monopolies, would almost certainly be less effusive about his All-American entrepreneurship. '

'In the aftermath of the revelations about Facebook data being sold to political consultancy Cambridge Analytica, lawmakers have been queuing up to demand the CEO sits in front of them to face the music. '

'Yes, he’s happy to say, those controls will be available globally. '

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EU politicians? Straight answers? You mean like Jean-Claude Juncker who said "when it becomes serious, you have to lie"?


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'Scandal' .. dear me.. it's painfull listening to these old out of touch people and their retarded questions