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This is a stupid article. I was expecting something along the lines of people saying they should have built anonymity in to the internet from the start. This was just someone blaming the internet for people not agreeing with their political views.

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Yep. This is trash. Arguably what went wrong with the internet is allowing the government to regulate it and allowing mass information scraping from social media corporations and the government.

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That's like people lambasting all social networks because of what zuckerberg's network did.

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Twitter served as his unprecedented direct-mail-style megaphone, Google helped pro-Trump forces target users most susceptible to crass Islamophobia, the digital clubhouses of Reddit and 4chan served as breeding grounds for the alt-right, and Facebook became the weapon of choice for Russian trolls and data-scrapers like Cambridge Analytica.

Those are the examples of how it went wrong. DRUMPF! ALT-RIGHT! MUH RUSSIAH!

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Yeah, it's a shame that people are able to run websites about whatever they want.

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Ellen Pao: 'the creators of the internet all had the same world view, so we though it was OK to have free speech on the internet... Little did we know.'

Ellen Pao is totally a creator of the internet. Who is Aaron?

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I stopped reading when I saw her opinion was treated as though it had merit.

The internet is not on the list of things she should be apologizing for in print.

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Wait, wasn't she (along with Al Gore), one of the creators of the Internet? Was I lied to???

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none of these people had anything to do with creation of the internet. its just social justice self promotion. most weren't even alive when ARPANET was created.

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Are you really surprised? It's a leftist propaganda piece, masquerading as a tech piece, of course it is inaccurate. Can't let truth get in the way of the narrative.

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Is there an alternate form of reddit somewhere I missed? When was retardit a bastion of the alt right? Or did they misspell Voat?

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I’d imagine they have a very incomplete knowledge of the facts because they do not support Trump and they conflate a bunch of things together which they then group, inaccurately, as alt-right. So, they are combining T_D and all of the now banned subs which have migrated over here in waves over the last 3 years.

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Even though they were banning everything pro-white hard they still think the site is "infested" with the alt-right because of the small percentage of the population still over there.

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The fuck? The only name on that list with a shred of credibility is Lowtax. Ellen fucking Pao? Richard "I hate guns and I can't explain why because I'm too busy avoiding bathing" Stallman? Give me a break.

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And no fucking mention of Tim Berners-Lee.

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Stallman was the only one with any good points.

What is data privacy? That means that if a company collects data about you, it should somehow protect that data. But I don’t think that’s the issue. The problem is that these companies are collecting data about you, period. We shouldn’t let them do that. The data that is collected will be abused. That’s not an absolute certainty, but it’s a practical extreme likelihood, which is enough to make collection a problem.

I never tell stores who I am. I never let them know. I pay cash and only cash for that reason. I don’t care whether it’s a local store or Amazon — no one has a right to keep track of what I buy.

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I never tell stores who I am. I never let them know. I pay cash and only cash for that reason. I don’t care whether it’s a local store or Amazon — no one has a right to keep track of what I buy.

I'm eager to hear how he does this for Amazon. "Nope, not telling your my address. I paid cash for this Amazon card and I'm placing the order."

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Ellen Pao...an architect of the internet? What alternative-universe portal did I fucking walk through?

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I like how the gist of this article is "we thought we could use the Internet to usher in the New World Order, not destroy it!"

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