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Lazy, cheating, don't want to do the work. That's from one of their own who made it and was trying to give them a chance. lol

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Nerd/tech culture is there most meritocracy system, and it's been shown treating women equally to men is still considered sexist... Because women are so used to special treatment. So naturally the more meritocracy things are, the more sexist it is.

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bingo! precisely!

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They still get plenty of special treatment since the tech sector is full of cucks, it's just that they are that useless and don't even bother to get a STEM education.

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That's it!

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she's slavic. she's not a illusional retarded moronic western woman!

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bingo, precisely

not like the brainwashed western women

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I thought it was interesting how she recognized the differences in gender behavior but didn't understand it. "I don't know why" in reference to why it's only the men staying late and working those long hours.

There's a difference between gender roles and playing to our strengths.

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I think that was just a polite way of saying it since she was already opening a can of worms and was talking to merit-free people.

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"I don't know why" in reference to why it's only the men staying late and working those long hours.

Might have been strategic, because it doesn't matter why, just that it's the case.

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There was a community of Israeli who organized a commune with no gender roles. It was a bit like Amish mixed with a kind of more secular communist flavored socialism but not really communist as much as shared cooperative. Children were kind of raised by the community, educated by the community, people organized and worked as a collective. concepts like marriage were shunned to kind of end the partriarch. Within one generation the commune had self organized into women and men preforming the classic gender roles of woman raising children and homemaking and man working to provide for the family unit they also began to move away from commune shared property and responsibilities to a more normal product of ones work belongs to ones self style way of living. These were children raised in this collectivist society that made choices that suited themselves and lo and behold they organized like typical people have throughout history.


Nature wins out, men and women are programmed to make certain choices regardless of all the fake intellectualisms around it.

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"I don't know why" in reference to why it's only the men staying late and working those long hours.

Because when it comes to work for the sake of work, it's rare for women to do so.

I worked for a small company at one point. I was paid significantly under market wage. The other IT employee and I decided to replace the T1 phone system with a computer-controlled system to add functionality and save some money. Why? It was the right thing to do.

We couldn't do this while the company was running. So, we were staying every night for weeks to get this done, putting in 100 hour workweeks, salaried. It cut our wages in more than half, but it needed to be done.

We had another opportunity to save some money by moving locations in a datacenter. Moving large amounts of equipment from one location to another - we did it to free up some IT budget so that we could fix other problems. We started at 7AM on Saturday, and when there was an issue (power outage at the facility), we were working until midnight on Sunday. The CEO came out as well.

That was also the night I ended up quitting - at midnight, we needed some sleep, and the CEO said he wasn't willing to give up, but if we needed to go home for a few hours, we could. He changed his mind, called mid ride home, and fired the senior admin when he wouldn't return. He called me, and I quit.

Men tend to have loyalty towards their work, and men tend to demand loyalty back. It's not just about the money, it's about the work. Women with that attitude tend to all be trans.

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I will argue that the loyalty is usually misplaced. Corporations are not loyal and will screw you over at the drop of the hat. You shouldn't give an immoral entity loyalty

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Is it just me or does she seem really nervous to be going against the stream?

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Maybe a little nervous, but that is understandable. It takes some courage to stand in front of your peers and thoroughly denounce the prevailing view.

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Nervous about offending snowflakes. Like playing with fire around open gas containers, these Cans can blow anytime and set off a chain reaction.

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SJWs can fuck you over

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Women tend to be more socially focused, so that can be potential career suicide.

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Yeah. I don't see a woman doing what I do. Coming home from your job, to open your laptop and do your job again late into the night. One aspect of my job is writing firmware. It means you don't go out with friends. It means you live in the code you're writing till the shit is done.

Women my age would never ACTUALLY do what I do.

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I've been in IT for 18 years, and I've come across a handful of reasonably competent women, but none that are genuinely passionate about it. They would never, for instance, get a little drunk with friends who are also in the field and engage in impassioned debate over what is the best programming language, Linux distro, or editor, etc. Women present for such a debate, even if they understood what was being discussed, would just be rolling their eyes.

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Who would really WANT that kind of life anyhow? :)

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Someone serious about it who wants to be the best, someone who is driven to solve problems and figure things out. Someone who can't walk away from a problem until they solve it.

It seems weird to some people I know, but that's how some people are. Personally, I won't even touch a problem or technical challenge unless I know I am prepared to stay at it until it is solved. Because not solving it just bothers me so much

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It takes a special kind of insane!

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If I ever were to be in a position to hire someone for my company, all of the CVs from women would go directly into the trash. The chances of woman being equally interested in IT as a guy who started programming as soon as he could read are basically zero. If such a woman was interested, why would she be applying for a job instead of having one already, having been snapped up early in life due to other people seeing such a rarity?

Women are welcome in tech, but they have to show me your code! Don't tell me about which school you went to and how many affirmative action degrees you have. Show me your code!

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Show me your code!
CVs from women would go directly into the trash

Which is it?

[–] notYOURfriend 3 points 1 points (+4|-3) ago 

Trash when hiring. Show when discussing programming.

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Both, just to be sure.

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I'm skeptical about women in IT, and apart from issues of competency, you also have you to worry about you or other employees being #metoo'd.

If such a woman was interested, why would she be applying for a job instead of having one already, having been snapped up early in life due to other people seeing such a rarity?

However, you could use the above argument against a good male programmer as well. There might be any number of reasons why someone is applying -- they like your business or industry, location, commute, friends with people work there already, etc. Kind of like the Groucho Marx line about never wanting to join a club that would have him as a member, you're saying you'd never want to hire an employee that would have you as an employer.

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There is so much logical fallacy here, it is clear to me you're not a programmer OR involved in hiring.

[–] notYOURfriend 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago 

It's clear to you, eh? So clear, in fact, that you don't feel compelled to explain to everyone else how it is so?

I program shit daily, and have had to help hire people to help me. As in: other programmers.

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That's kind of retarded and pretty clear you've not held a management role. I've known a few excellent programmers who were women, generally they seem to be on the spectrum which admittedly a lot of the best programmer guys are as well. In my experience, usually women transition into the BA roles easier because they're better with the social skills, which I'm bias to as a better role anyway. Hence why in the end there are few actual women programmers.

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Even if you find a competent woman, you risk, as copper_spartan notes, being #metoo'd or reported to the authories because of a wage gap or something. Not work the risk.

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I'm having flashbacks to Hacker News as this is still a sensitive topic there it's pathetic. Girls absolutely want to get hired "because they are a girl" no girls ever attended any programming class I've ever been to in my life. I worked at a company that preferred to hire girl programmers, they hired as many girls as applied I think. The company was a fucking mess.

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This reminds me of my brother. Can't figure out why he can't get a job because he has a "degree" so that should do it - right?

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These women on the stage don't just want equal opportunity, they want equal outcome. Two completely different things.

Boys get loans that girls do not? Is that a problem with opportunity, or a problem with outcome?

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In most places, people are equally likely to default on their loans. I love to bring this up when people mention bank discrimination. Whatever they're doing, it's working.

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Slavs seem to be the least susceptible to bullshit.

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correct. we can see right thru it. westerners buy it up!

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