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They're desperate to move on their gun control agenda, but can't find a way. Controlling a few popular websites, facebook, twitter, reddit, etc was supposed to put them in charge of everyone's opinions, but it's not working!

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This article is by failures, for failures. He's crying about punctuation and grammar? Dude needs to off himself asap.

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People don't trust mainstream media, so let's create NEW media and brigade it with the same information!

Wait a minute, now people don't trust the new media! I thought the "medium is the message." Turns out the message is the message.

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I really hate these control freaks with every fiber of my being. How do we destroy them?

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Turns out us westerners are more complicated than they thought.

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But all the nigs literally inciting violence against whites is 'protected' and 'empowering'.

The day of the rope can't come soon enough.

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What are you or anyone else doing besides bitching about it? Don't answer here, for fuck's sake because we're being watched sure as God made little green apples. I'm not trolling you or anyone else, I'm just asking an introspective question of are you prepared?

Have you even gave it any thought to your own participation or are you expecting others to do this for you?

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Idk what I’m gonna do yet but I’m gonna squeeze some rape in there somewhere

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I've said it publicly before so doubt it will hurt to repeat it. I prepare for the eventuality that I alone will be responsible for the safety and provisioning of my family, and all that entails.

Besides that; I vote, write my representative when appropriate and try to get those around me to seek truth and to think for themselves. Beyond that, I don't know what else to do, or if I would even be capable of doing more.

Excellent question.

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B) I believe all human life is precocious.

I wonder if the typo was intentional.

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I hate how trying to stand up for the SECOND AMENDMENT OF THE US CONSTITUTION is being deemed a bad/hateful/disrespect thing now. Next, anybody who wants to protect the first amendment will be deemed a racist neonazi who just wants to protect the KKK.

We need to fight fire with fire and have any open-border supporters and gun-grabbers branded as ISIS lovers, and then deport them all to Mexico/Canada/UK/NK.

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treason. we need to brand it as treason, and have them hung.

thats how it's supposed to be

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If you haven't been called a racist, nazi, KKK-Member yet, you're doing it wrong.

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Everytime Facebook feels they need to intervene regarding content, they are no different than any publisher and should be treated as such. So they should be responsible for the fines imposed for violation of the first amendment.

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A) I believe the federal government should be limited to the powers assigned by the US Constitution.

B) I believe all human life is precocious.

C) I believe that the Constitution protects the civil liberties of all Americans.

That word... I don't think you know what it means...

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Because they aren't pro life, they are pro forced birth.

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Kikes don't want more whites, on the contrary.

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Legalize retroactive abortions for jews, liberals, and leftists.

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What about inner city blacks and illegal aliens?!

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treason. shut it down

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