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This reminds me of the experiment where two redditors in Chicago set their phones next to a stereo playing Polish radio stations overnight and in the morning when they woke up to check facebook and check up on the news, all the ads were Polish.

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I imagine they were tracked when they were finding polish music to play

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Well it's good to know that we can trust these monopolies huggy bunny things with our information.

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>Concerned about surveillance

>uses Windows

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I'm concerned about privacy. I wanna get off the tit, but let's be honest...

Linux makes life more difficult, settings and customization isn't very robust, has major issues with graphic drivers and playing most video games, and I have to use things like libre office that are only 80% as good as the MS mainstream.

Win 7 with some updates banned and 2007 office with settings fixed is a happy medium between Windows probably not seeing anything I'm doing and having 100% full normal functionality with zero issues ever.

100% privacy is impossible anyways, sadly.

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Hardware issues are fixed by buying their non-cucked versions. Look a part up, and make sure it's compatible with linux, before buying it. Certain video cards run considerably better on linux than on Windows, even. For everything else: you can always run Windows in a VM. If you have the right processor, and decent RAM, you won't notice any performance hit. Even for some games.

You can always encrypt your Linux partition, and have a separate one setup just for Windows. So you can simply "alt-tab" between OSes, depending on what you want to do. Where there's a will, there's a way. With the advent of SSDs, it's stupidly quick to switch between OSes anyways. I have a normie Windows 8.1 PC setup for gaming and music studio software; I consider it my own little "homebrew XBox"-type machine. Everything else is done in linux.


settings and customization isn't very robust

Are you serious? Jesus, man. It's open source. Besides that, almost all major desktop environments and OS variants have ways of changing literally anything in to anything else. You could make fucking Ubuntu Unity look like an exact, pixel-perfect copy of the latest Mac OS, if you wanted to.

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Libre office is 80% better than the Microsoft equivalents.

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Linux makes life more difficult

Who wants to think? It's too hard, goyim! Conveniency is your god, bow before it.

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Linux got lots of great emulators to play classic games. Why play the SJW infested new games anyway? On Office,... what do you even use/need Office for?

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I think everything is rigged these days. It's money for those people.

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Concerned abut surveillance

Goes outside

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They use the camera too. At Christmas my boss brought Hershey's holiday candy canes. I was on my phone and was bombarded with ads for Hershey's holiday candy. I was like WTF then realized the candy canes were directly behind my phone. Puts big brother to shame.

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> Puts big brother to shame.

Oh, sweet summer child. Google is big-brother. Google is a wing of the shadow government; setup as a private corporation, so that it can function outside of guvermental oversight.

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Breakaway civilization.

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That is what NFC is for. UPC codes communicate with your phone as you interact with items all day.

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What's his setup? Android phone next to him? Running what? Windows 10 on a laptop with a microphone active? This definitely needs to be reproduced.

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I wouldn't be surprised if he was literally talking in front of his Windows computer with Chrome installed.

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It looks like he is, but he has to disclose these basic aspects of his methodology, so that other people can reproduce it. Especially when the claim is fairly extraordinary. Just think about how efficient the backend servers would have to work in order to crunch the mic data and modify the ad profile so that user gets targeted ads nearly in realtime!

I sadly think it's more likely that someone in the other room was madly Googling for "dog toys" during the five minutes when he spoke, or some similar schenanigans were going on.

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If it's chrome doing the monitoring what does the OS have to do with it

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Best I could do: Android in front of me. Amazon Echo behind me. Headphone with mic receiving and set as default communication device. Actively connected to a Discord to verify all inputs were received. Google is set to not serve targeted ads.

I used the same topic he did without typing anything about it and the words have not left my mouth at least a month before the second part of the test. I don't have one and had no reason to discuss it. No reference to them when gathering the control. I talked about the topic shortly after for about 5 minutes with imaginary friends. Immediately afterword I checked Fark with no results on any webpage. However, arriving at Amazon, I now had plenty of targeted ads relating to the topic.

Yes, I have avoided typing the topic as I am continuing to gather a little data as time goes on.

Yes, its not scientific. But I was able to reproduce the results in my situation but with a different service.

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Interesting. I'd like to see it reproduced.

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I would like to see it terminated

''it never happens that [bots] arranges its speech in various ways, in order to reply appropriately to everything that may be said in its presence, as even the lowest type of [trolls] can do''

    -- René Descartes

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How many do you need?

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There are a lot of unexplained variables here - phone nearby? what about the camera? is cortana on? does he have a built in mic? Alexa? Google home?

Or maybe he's an attention seeking money grubbing troll and someone else on his ip was googling dog toys after he closed his browser. Or maybe he stopped the video and did it himself. Funny how he even closed his browser instead of just refreshing those same pages.

For those reasons this could have been Microsoft passing data instead of google itself listening. He didn't describe his exact methodology and it's hard to determine exactly how google would have received that data technically.

Let's be scientific about it and do it a few more times so there is no doubt for anyone ever. Let's do it in a repeatable way without unknown variables. So more than once by some random stranger on the internet would be nice.

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I already unplug computer input peripherals when not in use, but if this is confirmed to be true I feel I have to de-solder embedded microphones and whatever else in my phone, etc..

Plus, any additional evidence makes it easier to convince others to stop using these platforms.

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Packet sniffer logs or it didn't happen.

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this isnt a surprise.... google tells you that the android (google) app you install needs to use your phone, camera, etc. id doesnt say just when the app is running... same thing with a computer. I don't even plug in a mic. or camera when not in use. and I keep my phones on airplane when not in use. the one phone i accept calls from I rooted and deleted most of the factory apps and only use sms and calls. Might aswell be a flip phone....

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Recently there was a test of airplane mode vs. not for data collection, without sim cards (no data connection) for two identical phones. Once the phones were connected to the internet, the downloaded path of travel, barometric pressure, mode of travel, etc. See here:


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Fucky business.

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damn, I'm going to have to put tape over the mic and cam. I dont talk into it, I use it as a tablet. Tape the front cam too.

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Yeah, some people assume that a phone can't be gathering data just because it's in airplane mode or has no internet connection, forgetting that the phone has lots of local storage to buffer things for later upload.

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This is such old news. Of course Google listens to you. They also store the data for as long as they care to. Google probably knows more about you than the FBI.

This has been going on for years. Remember when there was a rush of speech recognition software advancements? How do you think they figured it out so fast? Originally, speech recognition was barely useable and had to be trained to a specific speaker; nowadays the program can understand even the most ridiculous accents you can imagine straight out the box.

Hell, you can get a job working for Google specifically evaluating voice clips for recognition accuracy!

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The rush would have happened 10 years sooner if it weren't for the Dragon shenanigans.

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Which Dragon shenanigans were those now?

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