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It's 100 percent spyware now, isn't it?

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windows 8 and later has it fully built in. Windows 7 you can make into a regular os that just runs ur hardware if ur careful

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That's actually done on purpose. It's to set back productivity, if productivity isn't hindered we would accomplish so much more. I still remember a time if we didn't hit save every 5 minutes or so we could lose all of our work

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you always hit save newbie

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"Save early, save often."


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I'm conditioned to hit CTRL+S after almost every edit that I do, to what is currently being typed. So much so, that when typing out long comments, on voat, I keep finding myself in the "Save Page As..." prompt. In fact, I do a periodic CTRL+A/CTRL+C, just in case Waterfox crashes or something like that.

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Want to be productive, then use that operating system which ends in nix.

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I don't mind having having to update my computer but an estimated time remaining would be much appreciated

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estimated time remaining.

23693692507 seconds remaining.

3 seconds remaining.

7423935 seconds remaining.

5 seconds remaining...

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I would much prefer a visual aid such as a loading bar that starts over when it's full.

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Windows Update Team: Not our idea. Ask suits above us.

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Welcome to the club. I tell the Windows computer to shut down, because I need to pack it and catch a bus, or move it and I'm in a hurry. But surprise! It is now the most opportune time to spend five minutes configuring updates!

Thank god there is Linux. When I tell a Linux computer to update (on my schedule and only on my schedule), it does so all in one go. There are no surprise delays during next startup/shutdown, and neither do they package nagware like GWX as "an update to resolve issues" in order to sneak it past me when they know that I don't want it because I already uninstalled it five times like Microsoft did.

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Dear Microsoft,

Your incessant updates - despite my "professional" key, constant deferments, and rollbacks - has driven me toward installing Linux Mint and only opening my personal computer when I need to create/edit documents and spreadsheets. Thank you for breaking my addiction to buying and playing games, allowing me to actually focus on building my business and my future.


Some goat who is still a little pissed that he wasted money on your spyware

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You can use Virtualbox to run Windows virtually to edit them documents.

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LibreOffice is functionally adequate so far but I appreciate the suggestion

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Casey is a dumbass and doesn't understand the purpose of the IT department. She needs to quit her bitching, let the computer update, then she may continue. It's not hard to go take a 10 minute break. Everyone will understand.

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That might be nice when update only take 10 minutes, but it often takes much longer. Plus, also, working people live on schedules, so there's that.

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Careful guys, if you don't trash Windows in this thread, expect to be downvoated. Dissenting opinion doesn't mean wrong opinion.

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To be honest, you'd have to either be just coming out of a ~25 year coma, certifiably mentally retarded, or have a vested interest in Microsoft stock/assets/contracts in order to not trash them. They're garbage, through and through. We're in the process of observing a long, drawn-out suicide— and the street-shitter-in-command will stop at nothing to ensure that it succeeds.

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It's sad, really. I used Windows from 3.0 to XP. It was good if a bit stifling. Even when they failed, it was obvious that the mandate from the top was to Get Shit Done. But with Vista it was obvious that there was no visionary running the show, and the rot has only continued since then.

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