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Say, didn't China just threaten to put a tariff on US made autos if Trump goes ahead with his plan for fair reciprocal tariffs? They thought nobody would notice that they already had a huge tariff on US autos.


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It's because those chinese workers if the dont stay employed will over throw the ruling class. In america, they want that so they can justify more tryanny and keep the existing easliy controlled ruling class in their place.


[–] lipids 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago  (edited ago)

Its all about employment. "Jobs" are a tool to keep us too busy to be politically active. Automation means a lot of work is obsolete, but capitalism requires us to work anyway.

The ruling class would like too cull the working class. In antiquity they would have a war, but that has become too messy.

The elites think you are a useless eater and want you dead. You may think your work justifies your existence, but it only serves to keep other useless eaters around so you are expendable.


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Recipricol trade Is actually really smart. No one could call Trump out.


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No "sane" person could call Trump out. Cue the lib screeching...


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Those stupid degenerate chinks don't have enough money to afford US cars anyway, they can go fuck themselves.

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...meanwhile in RealityLand, communism has never worked. In fact, it has failed catastrophically everytime it was attempted, and left the former host nation a husk of its former self.

Communism only works for Jews - because the entire point was to impoverish goyim in order to fatten the collective kike wallet.