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This is already a thing in western nations. They've got a copy of your school photos all the way up to your drivers license which are all taken with very decent cameras in near perfect conditions. The internet and facebook tagging in particular have just made it easier to train their bots at identifying us and you'd be a fool to think that they also don't know who owns every phone and exactly where they are either. If you make their shit list you'd be a fool to think they can't get information from your network providers or google based on your location and time at any time they wish which they can get from any networked camera or a private one with some easily gained paperwork. Even the normal police are doing that these days...

We're absolutely fucked lads. National security guys have proven they aren't going to give a toss about laws that impede their actions until well after they've been caught so just imagine what they have on everyone. They probably know you better than you know yourself. The Amish had the right idea in living a simple and mostly technological free lifestyle because in spite of all the pleasure we've gained from technology all we've done is enslave ourselves with it.


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Very well said. Reminds me of a quote: "The man who reads nothing knows more than tbe man who reads nothing but newspapers."