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Harry dressed up as a Nazi officer for a friend's costume party in January 2005. Almost immediately after the photos made the rounds, Harry, who was 20 years old at the time, released a public apology and life in England returned to normal...btw did you know i read a story recently of a guy sent to jail in England for putting bacon outside a mosque, he was found dead in a Bristol Prison next to a bunch of jail house islamic jihadi guys but the government said he might have self suicided if they have time to spin and rig up the proof, the man's death has still not been ascertained and experts continue to wait for the results of a full post-mortem, The HMP Bristol inmate died while he was halfway through serving a 12 month prison sentence and an independent investigation was since that has not concluded anything. The British media immediately concluded after the 911-Hiroshima style 'bacon attack' it was an act of racism, even though islam is not an actual race and any dumb fuck black, white, yellow or brown can become an islamist... You sometimes wonder which side they are on?


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Which is odd because the royals are jews


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They are not Jews an old Belgian, Germanic Bulgarian family. They once ruled chunks of Europe moved or flee to England? and then change their names in the outbreak of WW1 changing the name to Windsor hiding the German ancestry. Their old house connects with most other Royal family in Europe, Sweden, Portugal, Greece etc some families died out by inbreeding and genetic disease while others got scattered and had no children, some Estate or House became extinct, some say "the Belgians" may have connected with a weird Weinstein Jimmy Savile style scandal in the 1990s?