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Next week they'll introduce GoogleCoin.

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Kekd so hard at this

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"Youtube and adsense will now pay out in GoogleCoin, to make your life easier!"

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Google follows orders from Rothschild

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Given the recent activity at the SEC regarding cryptocurrency and ICOs this isn’t too surprising. I strongly dislike Google, but this move makes business sense to me from their perspective. They are trying to suck government cock at the moment to avoid new regulation and this type of move is low hanging fruit.

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I think also some ads make grandiose claims like "get 50,000% returns from your investments!" and that sort of thing which could open them up to further legal liability. Google's motivations might be to stifle Digital coins or ultimately release their own, but not wanting to touch this market is also somewhat understandable from a business perspective.

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Bitconnect created a ton of problems. Previous exchanges that went belly up also advertised on Google. There's also a shit ton of cloud computing, MLM, investment classes, and weird ICO schemes that are considered predatory at best. There's even been some conspiracy YouTube creators who are blaming the purge for their channels going down. When in fact they were connected to some outlandish Bitcoin trading system scam that was identical to binary or layering armies. There's often no crypto involved in any of these schemes. I don't blame Google or anyone else for dropping them like a hot potato. It's all buzzwords and fiat as a placeholder. Stick to equities and commodities unless you hold coins directly.

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I agree with the BS claims and scams being censored, to an extent. I may agree with decisions Google makes on a case by case basis, but lets not forget one of Google's end goal to kill free speech.

Google takes alot of their direction from the FTC and since they are strict, google will be too.

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The US search engine giant will soon stop advertisements promoting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ripple under wider efforts to crack down on the marketing of a new breed of high-risk free, open and unregulated financial products.

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Underrated comment.

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Soon enough the only thing you'll be able to successfully search for on google is spaghetti recipes.

All else will eventually be banned.

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Due to the insult to goombas via spaghetti appropriation.

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Coming Soon - Blacklisting of content containing the following: Non-GMO Food Items, Meat, Off-Grid Housing, Intact Families, Heterosexuality, White People, Religious Scripture, Linux, Video Games, Comedy, Science, Pre-Common Core Mathematics, Reality, ....

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and what about porn?

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What do you think this is, the UK?

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I've been running ads on Google for years and its been getting worse. In my experience, the worst censorship began right after the 2016 elections and into 2017 when Trump got into office. Shortly after (around April 2017) was when a bunch of YouTubers also get demonitized (thats when I heard/read about it).

It was only a matter of time. Google Ads censors basically anything worth while to promote. For the past 2 years I thought it would get so draconian, that something would have to be done about it. We are approaching that time now. Thankfully, Trump got into office and I believe he will do something about it.

The reason why I think he will do something about it is because he's not going along with the censorship plan that should have taken place a year ago when he got into office. If Hillary was in office, what we are seeing now on censorship , would have happened much sooner and much more intense / aggressive. Most likely almost immediately upon her being in office.

I've experienced the censorship first hand in Google Ads right around 2016 and into 2017. Google did not "ban" certain type of ads around this time, atleast the ones I run, but instead google made it much more difficult to get ads approved. Across the board a bunch of people running google ads I know were having trouble getting ads approved that previously never had any issues. Google has tons of rules that are hard to figure out/follow and they can ban your account for life and give you no reason or bullshit reason as to why they did.

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Excellent! Less jewglefags getting rich on crypto. I'm all for this.

[–] IVIVI 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I love freedom of speech. Censorship is not good for anyone. They'll be coming for you too.

I can't believe how many people do not understand thats how it works.

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Yeah all of us here may fry for even coming to this site eventually. 'merica road of bones for us.

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Came to post that.

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reasonable censorship is fine particularly in crypto because the industry is mainly predatory, manipulative, and fraudulent. Freedom of speech should not apply for clear scams.

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Maybe you don't understand how economics work, but if less of your currency is in circulation, the less money you get from more people buying in.

This isn't exactly something you'd want, especially if you had more money in a currency than the next person.

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