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The security firm who found said flaw are just 3 dudes and a green screen looking for shekels

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Even the disclaimer on the CTS site says they may be doing it for monetary reasons. Hyping or FUDing a product or commodity to affect prices is nothing new. You see it with cryptocurrency, gold, silver, etc. But this was just an extremely blatant, low effort attempt to briefly lowing AMD stock prices to short them. None of this is new, it's all happened before to other companies.

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Green screen is not unusual for interviews and releases. Most security research groups are just a few people anyway.

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This is starting to feel like intel propoganda.

Like "look amd is bad too! Please buy our chips. "

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Remember: It's such a critical flaw that we need you to replace or flash your BIOS first, and then give us your Administrative username and password. Please ALSO give us the PRIVATE KEY of a device-driver signing certificate so we can write a malicious (signed) device driver to implement the malicious code. See so easy! (/Sarcasm mode off).

Not remotely exploitable and this problem is out there regardless of what CPU you run. Trivial to safe guard against (disable BIOS modifications, keep your Admin password safe, implement due diligence when installing device drivers).

Oh yeah, these "security" guys are related to a hedge fund manager who placed a huge short position. Nothing to see here...