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Exploitation requires that an attacker be able to run a program with local-machine elevated administrator privileges. Accessing the Secure Professor is done through a vendor supplied driver that is digitally signed.


MASTERKEY requires an attacker to be able to re-flask the BIOS with a specially crafted BIOS update ..

Soooo the vulnerability is the hacker has your computer your user-name and your password... ?

They gave AMD 24 hours to respond to this before they released their 'findings'
who paid for this ?

This guy from Gamers Nexus is good


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The vulnerabilities that seem uninteresting because they require admin rights... those are still useful for the NSA techniques of fucking with hardware as it's shipped. Your CPU would then be a backdoor forever.

Not nearly as big of a deal as the Intel vulns... but are still interesting in another context.


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So..basicly they have not found a auto backdoor like every intel chip and wifi card has?


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Not that I have yet heard about.