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It is? There are plenty of sites still. When some fall, some rise.

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explain to a newbie IPFS is what... streaming? a storage host site? a download software?

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  1. Go to duckduckgo.com
  2. Type "!torrent Hollywood Blockbuster Movie"
  3. Profit?

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step 3 is "???" step 4 is "profit"

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Your mum is step 3.

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This works good too for magnet links on Google:

intext:btih search-term-here

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I haven't really had any problems finding stuff on torrents, direct downloads etc. If you're really stumped ask /r/piracy

You're right that now's the time to prepare the next thing though

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Private trackers, man.

All the content, none of the shenanigans.

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Got any of them invites lying around?

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Serious advice? Learn everything on http://interviewfor.red

Take the interview. Contribute to the community by uploading (freely available content is allowed, use your library for stuff, ect you don't have to spend money) recent (in the last year) .flac will get autosnatched by users so it will get you upload credit. Make power user. The power user forums have an invite forum for other tracker invites. Good luck if you need any more assistance pm me

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I do. PM me.

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Sorry, no... Literally haven't used a torrent for anything other than Ubuntu in over a decade.

Used to, though. To be fair, maybe private trackers aren't all they used to be. I wouldn't know.

But even 10 years ago they were a colossal breath of fresh air.

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If your life revolves around downloading torrents and you have flawless internet that can be a good option

for casual downloaders it's completely worthless to even suggest.

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ThePirateBay.org is working right now.

http://rarbg.to is also working right now.

At any moment in time, you can find the top torrent sites by either:

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I miss the days of good torrents. :(

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seriously does noone use rarbg? those ruskies are still going strong

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Ruskies are the ones who will dominate the warez scene, forgot the name of a ruski torrent forum for games, with google translate, very easy to find what you are looking for. Their gov doesnt care about piracy.

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I prefer rutor.

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Remember when you had to wait hours, possibly half a day just to download the new .ISOs from Red Hat? I'll tell you, bittorrent cut that time down to 30 minutes. I have nothing to add, just reminiscing. I'll never forget the tone in my buddy's smug ass voice when I told him I had the complete disk collection hours before he finished downloading the first .ISO. Ha, good times. I even burned the entire set without scraping one CD. This was fucking unheard of in those days.

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Don't forget the amount of money BitTorrent saves FOSS developers back in the day. Even though bandwidth is much cheaper now it still saves a decent buck.

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indeed. One of the smartest moves Canonical did was to mail you the cd/dvds directly for free. It was much cheaper and reliable than downloading.

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