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Unreal. They could literally be two faggot-Jews running their "Security Firm" from a closet in their parents bagel shop.

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Or at their shekel shiner business

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What if those are actors. The background isn't real. Maybe the people aren't real?

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Fuckin' a kudos to them then. Sec game on point. Nothing leaked whatsoever.

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They could literally be two faggot-Jews running their "Security Firm" from a closet in their parents bagel shop.

Apple was started by two guys running their "computer company" from a garage.

It's the brain that counts, not a fancy office. Especially in the 21st century.

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Apple made product not negative marketing campaigns.

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Wait, you're talking about the 2 Israeli Intelligence guys on their staff, right? Just making sure.

Edit: HOLY FUCK there are some idiots and some shitheads below. Be careful. cURL? REALLY people? (They're adding noise.)

How about this thread as a primer then read through the stupidity of people trying to "security"? https://voat.co/v/technology/2444439/12170765/10#12170765

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You should have used one of the pictures of the second guy after he put his silly hat on.

source video btw.

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Damn if that's not a birds beak if I ever saw one

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Don't they realise they can't shape-shift if they wear their yellow stars?

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Intel has heavy investments in Israel, including a recent $5B plant expansion.

I also wonder if one of the companies in Intel Capital's portfolio could be connected to this CTS Labs.

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Could be the Jews themselves are protecting thier investment..

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This was on /g/ earlier, although I don't know enough about curl to say if it proves anything or not.

Although I did use the exact same syntax, and got the exact same results.

Edit: You can put whatever you want in the 'Host:' field. That just determines what header curl sends. Seriously, you can make it say literally whatever you want, because it's just sending a different header to the IP address. You can make it return Location: http://www.JohnCStevensonSucksAmaleksHairyTaint.com if you wanted to, and it would prove nothing.

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For those that don't understand this, the picture is showing how amdflaws.com is hosted by Intel.

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No it's not retard. Let me break it down for you.

curl -vvv -H 'Host: amdflaws.com'
  • curl: The command
  • -vvv: Verbose x3
  • -H 'Host: amdflaws.com': Set the host header
  • target ip (where this HTTP request goes, in this case, intels server)

All this is doing is sending a request to INTELS server at with the wrong Host field. For example, here's my results doing this with random Host settings: https://i.imgtc.com/RyPvsrk.png I'm using telnet here manually making the request but the same can be done in CURL by changing the Host field you send.

  • First one is me doing what this guy is doing, setting host to amdflaws.com, and we get the same response.
  • Second one is me doing google.com, and we get the same basic response, just a redirect to google.com instead
  • Third one is me doing something ridiculous but I was too slow typing so it failed
  • Fourth one is me doing LOLOL.com and we get the same basic response, just a redirect to LOLOL.com

So basically all the intel web server is doing at is redirecting any request with the wrong (read: not intel.com) Host field to whatever is in that Host field.

TL;DR OP is a massive faggot

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Although I could use 'Host: reddit.com' and get the same output making it look like reddit was hosting.

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It proves nothing. See my other comment in this thread.

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They can't be that retarded, can they? Please let this shit backfire on them.

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I just tracerouted both URLs, and none of them seem to share anything in common. Two different server IPs, and two completely different ways to getting to each one. Not sure what that pic is trying to prove. Intel's server appears to accept the host being set to "amdflaws.com" in the request header, but that doesn't really mean anything. Especially since the server returns a 301 http status code, with no other info. Meaning that the server doesn't know what to do with said "host" (amdflaws.com).

EDIT: I'm saying this, under the assumption that Intel's server, probably for security reasons, spontaneously creates 301 pages for content that it can't find in its own resources, and shoots you to the correct URL doing its own reverse search. I may be presuming too much, though. For all you know, someone could have manually written said 301 page, thus giving credibility to OP's claims that amdflaws is an Intel black-flag attempt at discrediting AMD.

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This proves nothing. It may be an Intel blackflag, but this itself is just a coincidence.

$ curl -iH "Host: voat.co" HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently Content-length: 0 Location: http://www.voat.co/ Connection: close

It's just a generic whatever.tld to www.whatever.tld redirect. These are really common.

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These are really common

Thanks for testing. It seems like the webhost admins are just lazy dicks. Are you sure this is common? A more appropriate response would be 301 redirect to a location controlled by the hosting company or a 400 error, not blindly suggest to the client the content was once hosted here before and then offer a non-https URI that may lead nowhere. As is, it causes confusion (like this comment thread).

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This is very interesting. Never seen a vulnerability publishing before that was so targeted. It looks like a blackflag, even if the vulnerabilities are correct. I was specifically expecting problems in Ryzen, but these should be tested and validated or disproven.


No. All technical details that could be used to reproduce the vulnerabilities have been redacted from this publication.

Fishy. Has anyone found an official response from AMD?

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I've been hearing about fake AMD reps calling suppliers to not sell any ryzen CPUs until they have a security update.

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There has been no official response yet. But no POC = Fake as fuck. this is beyond fishy.

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The second guy is literally wearing a yermulka

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Maybe it's me, but isn't it common to have fake rooms or whatever behind you? A lot of documentary style things do that from what I've seen. And those don't look like they're trying to make them legit. Top guy would be through the floor in his background.

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It is in fact pretty common. But examples from this post goes over the top.

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You can actually smell "Jew" when you look at the picture.

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