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Israel based researchers.

One day wait before disclosing publicly.

The sheer number of "findings".

This screams coordinated effort to stop AMD market growth after the fiasco Intel just experienced.

The report itself also has this disclaimer.

Although we have a good faith belief in our analysis and believe it to be objective and unbiased, you are advised that we may have, either directly or indirectly, an economic interest in the performance of the securities of the companies whose products are the subject of our reports.

Read in English it says they have connections with Intel and their interest is in AMD not gaining market share.

Fucking pathetic move because Intel is stagnating.

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Either Intel is behind this or someone is trying to manipulate the market.

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Jews mad that their intel stocks tanked are now trying to to short AMD in order to regain their money.

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Have you read the (("white paper"))?

To exploit this you need elevated admin rights, then install a device driver the attacker has customized for their payload but signed by ASMedia (yeah, ASMedia gives their private signing certificate to anyone, don't you know).

For the other (("flaw")) you have to be in front of the machine to swap out the BIOS.

Let's just say, not flaws. If you already have admin rights or have physical access to the hardware, you own the hardware.

It's interesting that ((this article)) comes out the day after the AMD afternoon webinar highlighting AMDs increasing market growth with Ryzen, Ryzen Mobile and Ryzen Pro all throughout last year and that rate of growth projected to increase 50% this year.

Oh and they didn't give AMD 24 hours. It was unbelievably less than 10 hours to respond.

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The standard is also ninety days.

They only gave them twenty four hours notice so they could pretend it wasn't malicious.

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This things screams an attempt at market manipulation and attack on AMD. I'm curious how far this will go.

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24 hours? Yeah I'm calling BS on this until it's proven.

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It's from the (((Intel))) guys, likely just a damage control.

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last two best cpus I bought Ryzen 1700 16 threads, no regrets

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I love my 1700X

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does the AM4 mobo have to run ddr4?

I'm upgrading but ram is fucking pricey as hell right now. literally costs more for 16gb of ddr4 than the best ryzen 5. lol.

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I have no need to upgrade, but will shell out for a new AMD processor just to support them. If the jews hate AMD so much they would try to short their stock AMD must be doing something right.

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They're calling for the immediate halt of all AMD sells of Ryzen? Did anyone call for Intels immediate halt of sales of anything that was effect by Meltdown and Spectre? Hell, didn't people hold on to the information on Intel for 6 months to a year before it was released to the public?

I wanted a Ryzen chip before this and still do. I wish I had one before this so I could Sue for Negligence if I got malware or hacked from what this research firm released.

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I don't buy computers often but I did recently and went AMD, solely because of the scandal. This is why they're worried.