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Trudeau to China: Want some jobs?

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Leaked transcript from conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia here. Damn, it's nice to have a president that cares about this country again. That's something we literally have not seen since Reagan.

Edit: Just a warning, that link above is pretty old news. I think those were some of the first discussions Trump had with foreign leaders after being elected. He was not too happy with the Australian president. There's some bad stuff going on in that government. The people there need to take their government back as we did with the election of President Trump.

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Wonder if this will affect Rare-Earths. They have a near monopoly which they got by dumping and export tariffs. Japan has surged for their own rare-earth mining in the pacific. So this might be the what trump uses to get Japan and Korea on board. Pretty much you lose these things but you gain these other things.

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We have plenty of the so-called "rare earth" resources right here in the US. The mines were closed due to the dumping of those metals on our market by China. We can go full trade war on those and never miss a beat.

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We can but if you think the California mine can get back up in a month or two your kidding yourself. Also, most rare earth mining is really radioactive strip mining. Most likely scenario for quick implementation is certain things are moved back to Korea and Japan. We're gonna make Japan Great Again.