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Someone has to make AMD look worse then Intel...or else Intel might actually have to improve their product.

...who are the researchers affiliated with?

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Although we have a good faith belief in our analysis and believe it to be objective and unbiased, you are advised that we may have, either directly or indirectly, an economic interest in the performance of the securities of the companies whose products are the subject of our reports.

The researchers are based in Israel and "may or may not" have affiliations with Intel.

Not really surprising why they waited 24 hours to disclose instead of 90 days.

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Flaws are flaws regardless of who finds them and who they are affiliated with.

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The story gets even better with an apoplectic rant by another company by the name of viceroy research, an analysis of CTS labs. The flaws might not even be legitimate, and they say in the paper they may have economic interests.


Here is an investigative piece by GamersNexus that goes into far more depth. Basically, if what they say is true, it could well be all bullshit. https://www.gamersnexus.net/industry/3260-assassination-attempt-on-amd-by-viceroy-research-cts-labs

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I did upgrade to Ryzen, but I also have an old FX8350 box sitting here. And I plan to keep it. Unlike modern chips, it doesn't have one of these "insecurity processors"(the Intel implementation has security problems too), so the FX8350 is actually safer than new chips simply because attacks that would leverage the insecurity processor simply cannot work.