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Start using RSS again.

There is no central platform controlling which RSS items you see. There are a few handy online services you can read your feeds in, but there is still desktop software that downloads them for you if you don’t trust those. Feeds are the content you want to see, straight from the sources.

There are still loads of sites supporting RSS. It was built into the most popular blog platforms and software long ago. Many site owners publish RSS feeds and don’t even know it. View the source and look for the link tags with rss+xml or atom+xml. I opened up my feed reader for the first time in years this week and a good portion of my old feeds were still publishing regularly.

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RSS is very nice, too bad there's so few sites that are even worth reading in the first place. Content farms are killing the internet.

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SAFE Network is coming.

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Libtards want to control what you're allowed to see because they think they can then, by extension, control what you're allowed to think. I'm sure history will prove to them how well that works out.

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They are slaves and should be treated as such. Let them police themselves and I'll keep thinking exactly as I do because critical thought only requires doubt in others but trust in yourself and what you see. Edit but I don't believe the policing should be codified

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Nobody is forcing you to use Facebook.

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Facebook is trying their damnest to make money off of you whenever you actively subscribe to their service or not. Facebook is also trying their damnest to indirectly curate what content gets posted on news and blog sights. Both of these moves are intended to maximize their adverting muscle, and neither require anyone to use their service.

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Facebook is dying. It’s now considered a site for old people. Facebook had 30% loss in user traffic this year. All of the cool kids and cutting edge people are on blockchain sites like zeronet now.

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I have a managed dedicated, a nice VPS, and large hosting accounts in a few different DCs. One of the things I host is a blog. It's not hard. It's even indexed in Google.

Shit, y'all can get free hosting really easily. I host a few things for other people, some for business, a server for a couple of franchises, and now a website for a band. If I can do it...

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I think the point is that your blog about all of the train engines you know stuff about since you love train engines so much will be drowned out by quora spam and commercial pages selling train engine related things. The early internet was awash in geeks who were passionate about things and ideas... and now it's centralized commercialism, and it's hard to find decent personal pages anymore.

I say that but I didn't read the article. Heh.

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LOL I was here for the early Internet. In fact, I was on it long before it was world wide and open to the public.

It's ten times better, probably more, than it used to be. A month ago, I opened a blog about guitar playing. It gets more traffic than my early sites got in a whole year. There's no social media hooks with it. I don't promote it. I use it to host stuff here on Voat, but I even get traffic from Google already.

The old infrastructure is still there. You can still just get a blog. In fact, you'll get more traffic than you ever did in 2008 or 1998. I know, 'cause I had sites during all those years.

Well, that's my observation, at least. My servers helpfully give me stats about visits and the likes. I'm not competing with Facebook, I'm competing with my previous results.

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This is exactly what it feels like on the most popular image and posting sites like reddit. Subreddits will ban you if you post in a sub they dont like, and even go as far as banning you because they dont like your name.

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Down-voated for the social justice claptrap.

Widespread adoption of decentralized or peer-to-peer communication software will liberate the internet. Nothing else.

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Link is not working?

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Thanks. Whole site, archive.is, was unresponsive.

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Who ultimately did that? All of us users, by choosing them over the others.

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